Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some things never change

One of my favorite things about the Garmin305 is that after a workout it tells me how many calories I burned. It's always shocking to see that we can burn over 4,000 calories in one workout.
Yesterday I enjoyed an awesome long ride hilly ride. Solo. Half way through my ride I checked my watch to check in on some data. While looking at my heart rate info I saw that I had already burned 2,800 calories. I was just over half way. My thoughts then turned to all that I wanted to eat when I got home. Not good...too early for that. So I ate a bar and my thoughts changed to some other silly topic. By the time I hit the last major climb on the ride I was cooked. The food thoughts returned. Instead of thinking about the recovery drink waiting for me I thought about the the frozen yogurt I wanted.

And then I remembered a silly childhood memory. I grew up in a neighborhood filled with kids my age. Our only mode of transportation was the tiny Schwinn. I'd cruise the neighborhood in search of friends and the next childhood activity. Back then the parents let us loose and we'd return just before "curfew." Oh, how the world has changed! The only rule was: stay in the subdivision and no riding on the main roads.
The thing is, there was a TCBY a mile from our house. Ahhhh, yes, the love for fro yo started quite early in my life! Biking for fro yo was not allowed because to get there we had to travel along the bike path adjacent to the busy 12mile road (no not 8 mile!). One day I couldn't resist the fro yo urge and I finally got the courage to disobey the parents. We boarded the Schwinn's and headed towards TCBY. We were almost there when my brother and dad drove by. BUSTED! No frozen yogurt for me that night. AND my parents took away my bike for weeks. Seriously, I was crushed. Would I seriously have to walk to my friends house to play capture the flag?!?!?!?!

Now I can bike to fro yo with ease. Across one main road and I'm there! Even so, I drive. After I ordered my Golden Spoon I was given stickers. Stickers!?!?! I feel like I'm 8 again!
Man, if someone denied me frozen yogurt AND took away my bike away today, I'd be a very unhappy camper!


Jacqueline Mariash said...

Golden Spoon is the BEST!!! I have been on a frozen yogert kick lately. Kyle's friend owns Boulder Chill so my default we make frequent visits.... Hope all is well!!

rr said...

Hi Caroline - thanks for saying hi and congrats on your kona spot! I'll be there cheering you on this October.

And yes - I go through about 5 different pairs of running shoes per week, it keeps my shin splints at bay and IT bands happy. It made all the difference in the world for me, try it!

Happy training..