Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 Weeks. 2 Whole Weeks?

It is time! Time for a mid-season break. Throughout the Vineman run my legs reminded me that they want time off. As if the recent shin issue wasn't enough, a few old old old injuries reared their ugly heads. have my attention. I am listening.
Another sign that I need a little break from the normal training grind was my mental attitude going into Vineman. I can't remember the last time I woke up for an athletic competition with little interest of participating. I think I'd have to go back to my swimming days. Maybe when I was 8 and really wanted to go to a friends Birthday party but instead had to hammer out 4-6 events at a swim meet. Life has thrown several speed bumps this year, and I think this is 90% of the reason for my disinterest. It is time to smooth out these bumps, and allow my body and mind to recover. It won't take long before I'm craving the swim, bike, run!
In an effort to abandon the typical tri-grind I decided to recruit friendly suggestions for alternative activities. Monday I did get in the pool for a short recovery swim. Tuesday I wanted to try out paddle boarding. What is this craze sweeping our San Diegian waters?
Tom was awesome and agreed to take me out at sunset. Paddling along the Cali coast was amazing! (and he didn't even mind that I was more interested in the view and searching for dolphins than actually getting a workout). I don't think I'll jump on the paddle boarding fan wagon, but it is a great change. The ocean has finally warmed up, making it way more inviting than the previous weeks.

I'm determined to take 2 weeks away from cycling and running. I want to go into Ironman training refreshed, refocused, and motivated. I love training, and I don't want injuries to hold me back over the next few months. What to do? Surf...I plan on taking the board out for the first time in 3 years next week. Paddling...I can't wait to go again. How about roller blading? Is this craze really coming back? That is an injury waiting to happen. However looks like this guy has it down!

So. No biking or running for 2 weeks. I was committed. Then I was invited to join a training group in Mammoth (near Yosemite). Hmmmm, how do I do this if I am not doing two of the three sports. Thing is, I've never been to Mammoth, and never seen Yosemite. I packed my bags (and bike...couldn't leave him behind!) I got up here today and already hit the amazingly beautiful lake for a swim with the gang. The air is quite thin, making it nearly impossible to work hard. I played with the fish while those training for IM Canada hammered out a few pick-ups. Now they are out on their bikes. Today I did something I never do. I said "NO" to a workout! Legs just aren't there yet. I'm determined to give it a rest, but may venture out with the group tomorrow. It is breathtakingly beautiful here. I'll post pics tomorrow for sure!

Keep Smiling!!

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