Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Do What It Takes -DWIT

A new year...already full of new adventures and new opportunities. It seems like I blinked my eyes and suddenly San Diego was in the rear view mirror. If you've been following me on twitter you know that I'm absolutely loving my new training ground! This year is about embracing change, and believing in my dreams once again. I'm healthy, happy, determined, and shouldering a lot less stress in my day-today life. The recipe for success if you ask me.
My motto this year is: Do What It Takes.  "DWIT" is a heavy phrase that I apply every day in my training and work.  This little personal mantra keeps me grounded and incredibly focused. Simply put, when making a decision I ask myself "will this get me closer towards reaching my goals?" If the anser is no, I walk away. If yes, I go after it. This often means shutting out any ounce of speculation or doubt, accepting new challenges, and simply asking more of myself. Over the past few months I've tested myself to a whole new level...especially on the bike. Winter training is a great time to work on your weaknesses, and it's fair to say that I'm putting in the time AND effort in that department. I entered this several month training block knowing I needed to silence my body and mind, dig deeper, hurt more, and believe (with every ounce of my being) that my deepest desired goals are VERY possible.
One of the toughest things to do as an elite athlete is to block everything else out while training. I mean everything. Work, friends, the mounting list of chores, pain, etc etc. Allowing any distracting thoughts to creap in does nothing to futher a training session. Tunnel vision!
There is no better way to block everything out than a good solid training camp. In January I packed up and headed to Maui for 5 JAM PACKED days.  Nothing to answer to, no one to distract me. Just me, doing what I absolutely love. I biked every mile of road on that island, including the imfamous Haleakala Mtn. I started at sea level and eventually made my way to the summit at 10,000 feet. Up, up Up, and up. Unreal!
The tourist thing to do is to drive up, then jump on a bike and coast down. As I climbed I received many strange glares from those coasting down the mountain - to which I responded "you're all going the wrong way!"

This ride officially stands as the longest it has ever taken me to bike 50 miles. Back that up with swimming every day, and running until my heart's content...and you get the point. I was one happy girl. Not exactly the hawaiian vacation most people desire, but for me it was perfect!

With my first race quickly approaching I feel more ready than ever for the season ahead. I am in a good place; much of this is due to my decision to walk away from law firm hell. While I enjoyed the challenges of being a litigation attorney I always knew I wanted to work in the corporate setting. To say I took a big risk is an understatement (I was working for a great law firm in L.A., staffed with amazing people - from the legal assistant staff all the way up to the managing partners). I'm enjoying this new corporate environment and the opportunity to help the company grow in profitability. I am well aware that most professional triathletes treat racing as their primary job and do not hold day jobs. Good for them ;-) I honestly don't give a sh*% and do not see this is a prohibiter for me.  I love what I'm doing, and for me I believe 110% that this is the path towards the balanced success I desire.
 Below are a few pics I shared on twitter (@ckgregory) from recent training runs. Not hard to shut the brain off, and DWIT, with views like these!

I am incredibly eager for the season to get under way. I'll be kicking it off at San Juan70.3. This will serve as my tune up before heading to the other side of the world for one of my bucket list races: Ironman South Africa.  I owe a world of thanks to my sponsors who have been jumping through hoops to help me get situated for these early season races. I can't wait to once again represent TYR, Scott, Vision, Garmin, and Oakley.  I am also excited to have my favorite nutrition company, Clif Bar, on board this year. Stay tuned for a peak at my custom kits, in the works thanks to my good friend -the amazingly talented Betty Designs.
All the best in your training and race planning. When it gets tough, just remember to DWIT!