Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pics here, race report below...

Heading out of the long swim and into T1:

Onto the bike and into the wind!

The wind isn't enough....can we order up some rain too?!?!?

Up and over one of the shorter climbs on the course:

And finally, onto the run (clearly I still need to work on dropping the shoulders and arms!):

Thanks for reading and thank you to everyone for the comments, emails, texts and calls!! Having such awesome support from friends and family makes racing so much more fun!

If I were to share a picture with you from today's activity it would involve a pull buoy, the san diego sun, and me floating slowly up and down the 50m pool. Seriously, running down those 15% grade hills does a number on the legs!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh that Four Letter Word!!!!

This morning I was up at 4:00 A.M. Nope, the race was yesterday...but today I had to get on a way too early flight home. Last night the awards went on and on. But before we get to that, here's a quick race recap:
The heat subsided Sat night and in came the storms. I was slightly freaking out because I had my disc wheel, and worried about getting swept into the farm fields. I woke up race morning and could hear the winds. I walked outside and just about threw up. The winds and nerves were high. Howling 30-40mph gusting winds. Yikes! But as we waited to enter the water the winds steadied around 15-20mph. MUCH better! We could tell by Uli's windblown hair that we were in for a fun filled windy day!

Swim: 3 words: It was LONG! This year they outlawed running for the first 200yds, and everyone complied. I tried to hold onto the feet of 3 girls ahead of me, but lost them in the crowd. Grrrr. I came out of the water and was frustrated. 31minutes. But once I heard that the top pro's came out in 28mins, it was confirmed that we swam further than 1.2 miles. I had no idea how many girls were ahead of me, but knew I lost at least 3 sets of feet.

Bike: Alright this has been my focus. I wanted to ride strong and smart. I broke up the bike in 3 segments: 16miles, then 2x20miles. At oceanside I went out too hard, so this time my plan was to go out strong, hold for segment 2, and then make a move with 20miles to go. I felt much better with this strategy than Ocenside. Instead of dying as I rolled in to T2, I felt really strong. Couple this with the strong winds, and the pouring rain (thankfully it held off until mile 30, so most of the "slippery when wet" descents were over). Around mine 15 I came up on Brandy in her hot "Go Michelle" outfit. She is so good at knowing where she's at on the course, and even figured it out for me. She informed me there were 3 girls ahead of me and even knew what they were wearing. With that info I knew exactly who it was. I held to my race plan and am very happy with the bike portion of the race.
Considering the conditions, and the course I was pretty happy to set a new bike split PR: 2:44 (except clearwater- but that doesn't count!)

Run: So when I got to the run I knew Charisa (Wernick) and Cathy (Yndstad) had considerable ground on me. I also had another girl just a few seconds ahead of me. I took care of her and made that pass within 5 seconds of entering the run course. I was excited to be on the run, feeling strong, and went with it. I thought about the 10 x 1mile repeat workout I did two weeks out, and figured I'd try to hold onto that pace. Ok, not really, 6:15 would be a bit much, but I wasn't far off that mark. I passed through the first 5k in just over 20mins. Then the 8% grade hills came, and I slowed some.
There is a 3 mile flat out and back section in the middle of the run so I could finally measure where I was compared to others. At the turn around I realized I couldn't catch the speed demons (seriously I got beat by better athletes. Congrats Charisa on taking the overall age group win! This new age group is no joke.) If you want to be your best you have to race the best. I am sure I found two of them out there yesterday.
At the half way point my legs were heavy. The hill at mile 9 killed me. The downhill that followed was killer on the legs and I struggled to keep my step light! I knew a girl was closing down on me, and I couldn't react. The only girl to pass me happened with 5k to go. I held for a mile and then died. It was a pace I should have been able to easily hold, but I paid for the early miles. I REALLY died! My run splits went up over 1minute p/mile. I had nothing left. The last 2 miles of that race go on forever! I took a risk, and it didn't pay off.

I am really amazed at how much I've learned about how to race the 70.3 distance. I'm slowly learning how to tackle the bike. I had plenty left in the tank for the run, but just went out too hard. 6:30 was a bit much. Lesson of this race: simmer down out of T2, the speed will be there on its own. Hold back a bit, and try to negative split the run, and finish strong....after all it's a half marathon, not a 10k.

Result: 4th in the age group, and 7th overall female. Once again I was reminded how fast these 30-34 year old girls are.

Ok, so back to that four letter word. I had decided before I went to Lubbock that I'd take the Kona spot if I finished top 2. I didn't, BUT our age group got 2 spots. Charisa had her slot from Oceanside, Cathy opted for Clearwater and that left one for ME! I needed a bit of moral support when it came to taking the spot. Thankfully I received word that first place in 25-29 wouldn't be taking the spot. Brandy was second! YAY!!! She offered that moral support, and together we're going back to Kona for round 2! Congratulations Brandy!

Can you see the words on that piece of paper??? Here it is up close:

I didn't do a good job with the picture taking! Oops. Here are a few...including one of race directors Mike and Marti enjoying the post-race party with the athletes. They've really put a lot into this race over the last 20 years.

Another big thanks to XTerra (everyone else was crazy hot in the swim. I was comfy in my sleeveless ;)), TriBike Transport (if only you serviced every race- I hate packing and unpacking bikes! Fingers crossed they can do Kona with me!), and Brooks. The hospitality in Texas was amazing, and for that I say thank you thank you thank you to Mike & Marti Greer, DeeDee and Steve! It was a memorable race weekend.

Next up is Vineman in 3 weeks. It's one of my favorites! It was my break through race in 2007 and I'm excited to get back there this year. Oh, and since the Volvo Around the World sailing race, nor the America's Cup will be going on in October my brother will will hopefully get to join me.

Here's to continuing to learn how to tackle the half ironman distance, and having another shot at the greatest event in all of sports: Ironman Hawaii.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

We like it hot hot hot!!!

If that's your motto, then this is the place to be! Upon arriving in Lubbock yesterday I quickly remembered what the sun feels like beating down on you. I went to get my rental car, and lucky me it is BLACK! No tinted windows...just black! As if the 97 degree temps weren't enough, I opened the car door and just about fainted. I sat with the air conditioning blasting, but am not sure it helped all that much. However, I'm not complaining. I do like it hot on race day. Last year this race was cold, wet, stormy, and windy. I'll take the heat over that any day!
My lucky weekend started at the airport. I stood back from the check in desk and surveyed the scene. I needed to quickly determine which attendant was the nicest, and that's who I wanted to check my bags with. Turns out I picked right! The charge for my bike was the same $15 feel as it costs for any bag. SCORE! I hate flying with my bike, but without the $150 price tag it didn't feel quite as bad.
...now fast forward to later in the day when I had to unpack my bike...and I was cursing having to fly with my bike. If only TriBike Transport serviced every race! I love them, and hate bike boxes.

Besides the usual joys of travel the day here has been standard as far as pre-race days go. Well, that is except for the wonderful accomidations! I have a home stay with a great couple, DeeDee and Steve. They have been so inviting and welcoming. It adds so much to the race experience! I'm a lucky girl!

This morning I met up with my friends Brad and Michael for a quick swim, bike, run. By 8:00am it was about 88 degrees out. By the time we were done I'm pretty sure it was close to 100. It's cooking down here in Lubbock! Storms are predicted to roll in over night, so it might cool off a little bit. I just pray for light winds (due to a last minute rear wheel complication I'll be riding the disc. It isn't the best wheel choice for this race, but I'll have to roll with it).

DeeDee and Steve not only are incredibly generous and have a beautiful home, but they have a ridiculously large movie selection. So it's time for me and my compression tights to get the legs up and vedge by the tv. First up: Bucket List.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boring Taper Week

When it's time to taper for a race it seems like there is little to write about. I'm not out chasing the fast kids, the workouts are nothing to write home about (or blog about), and pre-race thoughts are always tough for me to openly share. I know I care about a race (shouldn't we care about every race we toe the line for....) because my thoughts are an aimless wandering mess! My close training partners know the mental struggle I've faced leading up to this race. Finally this mental struggle has worked itself out and my mind is clear. So now there is nothing left to do but get to Lubbock in one peace and race hard. One year ago I was a banged up mess (see prior blog about my run in with a large SUV), hardly able to walk between my bed and the bathtub for ice baths. It makes me feel quite thankful that I'm concussion free and bruiseless (however I still have a nice permanent bruise on my left knee to remind me of that jerk hit-and-run driver).
It is hard for me to get out the door for the short training rides. Put a 5 or 6 hour ride on the schedule and I don't even think twice about getting started. Yesterday Beth volunteered to join me. All of a sudden it was a lot easier to get excited for a short 90min ride + t-run. Ever since dominating at the La Jolla half marathon she's been nursing an injury, so it was GREAT to see her run again!

A special thanks to XTerra for tracking down a sleeveless wetsuit for me to wear this weekend! I hate wetsuits, so the more I can eliminate from the suit the better...especially with the crazy hot temps expected in Texas this weekend! Today's agenda includes my absolute least favorite part of traveling to race: getting the bike race ready and packing it. Thankfully I have a few friends/awesome bike tech's ready to lend a hand when I get frustrated and start pulling out all my hair. Big bummer that tribike transport doesn't service this race!!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back home, safe and sound...

The past few days every time I get on my bike I've been even more cautions and "on guard" than normal. This means I'm actually riding at a point of unnecessary caution and fear because over the past year I've been a changed rider. Exactly one year ago I was riding up the coast on an easy recovery day when a large white SUV made a left turn directly in front of me. I hardly had time to reach for the breaks before my head and left knee took the brunt of the 20mph crash into the side window of the car. The next thing I remember was lying in the middle of the road, being told the driver speed off. I can't even fathom how someone could watch a person nail their car at 20mph and then speed off before even seeing if the person they hit survived the accident. I really wish I could forget this accident happened, but the truth is I think about it every single time I've head up the coast.

This morning I rejoined Swamii's for a quick ass kicking. Before heading out the door I noticed my nerves were a bit on edge. Of course I was scared for the pain that would soon overcome my body, but I was also wondering if I should just stick to the trainer. I feel like the senses are a bit heightened when it comes to race week. Believe me it is NOT the time to have a run in with a car...but cars wouldn't be a problem if I stayed indoors. (oh and the forecast once again called for rain. Seriously!?!?! Enough already!?!?!) It was only a quick consideration. Instead, I said a prayer that myself, and all the other cyclists heading out the door, would come home safe. Thankfully, the cars stayed away and the only thing that came close to killing me were the other swamii's riders. Yup, they elevated my HR to a max, made my quads scream, and eventually killed me and left me for dead. Just before the re-grouping point of the ride a gap formed and I couldn't react fast enough. Time trial over. Time to ride home easy.
When I reached the end of the ride I took a moment to thank God for keeping me safe. We all take a chance when we head out the door for our rides. The sad part is that we can't do much to avoid unsafe drivers who have zero care in the world for the life and health of others.

Be safe out there!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thinking back, while looking forward

There is something about this time of year that really excites me. Athletes are arriving in Coeur D' Alene for an awesome Ironman experience. That race holds a special place in my memory bank, as it was my first Ironman. I loved it! Man I was a youngin' back then. I was still living (and training) in MI. Law school was just an image on the horizon, and I hadn't even entered the 25-29 age group. Wowsers! I suffered my first bike crash on that course, but fractured rib and all I was going to get myself to that finish line to hear those precious words: "Caroline, you are an Ironman!"

So for those heading to Ironman CDA, I'm thinking of you and am so excited to follow you on race day. The course is beautiful, and the community provides amazing support! The whole environment is just awesome. Kate, Trevor and Jodi, GOOD LUCK! And to Marit...a special good luck to you, as soon you'll hear those precious words for the first time. Take it all in and enjoy the entire day! Go Get 'Em!!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Signs of Summer

Could it be?!?!?! For Real? Summer? Warmth? Sun? June Gloom gone until next year? Probably wishful thinking, but it was sunny all day and finally made it into the mid 70's. The weather was a huge plus for the day. The traffic on the other hand...VERY frustrating.
For those lucky to live in Del Mar the start of summer is marked by the Del Mar Fair. It somewhat reminds me of my summer days in Ann Arbor, MI. I dislike the fair for the same reasons I despised the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Every street is closed and jam packed with art and millions of people. Just like the Ann Arbor Art fair, the Del Mar Fair means ridiculous traffic! You can't move anywhere around the event. Bummer is, I live one freeway exit south of the fair. Instead of it taking me 5 seconds to get to the freeway today, it took 10minutes. Driving anywhere was a pain. Grrrrr, I don't like the Fair...but I sure do love summer in San Diego!

I usually don't worry too much about racing in the heat. I'll take heat over cold any day! However I am a bit concerned that Lubbock has registered temps above 95 degrees, while here in SD it seems like we've registered few 70degree days.
So while the sun was shinning I opted to act like I was back in the Ann Arbor summer days. Back then my sport of choice was lightweight rowing. And that meant fun sweat runs. One way to increase the body temp while running is to dress for winter. So, in an effort to adapt to warmer temps I suited up for my mid-day run. The running tights and warm fleece lined long-sleeve provided plenty of extra warmth. People stared at me with sincere concern. They wondered if I didn't get this morning's memo letting everyone know the sun would be out all day.

Ok, the hood might be a bit much ;)

Last on the agenda: Tuesday date night with Molly. Yoga at Sculpt Fusion presented another opportunity for heat adaptation. That room was smoking hot. Electrolytes and fluids stat!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hakuna Matata

"It means no worries, for the rest of your days. It's our problem free, philosophy...." In my favorite disney movie, and now broadway play (a must see!). This phrase is used to convince Simba to forget the past and move forward. This had to be our attitude on yesterday's ride!
Here I am pre-ride with Lauren...just before heading off in different directions. I love my new kit from TriBike!

After a tough week(s) of training, yesterday was the last strong workout of the week. A strong paced 3-3.5hour ride with various sub-race pace efforts. I knew my legs were quite trashed, so I wanted to keep the group small. Ben is also training for Buffalo Springs, so we were both on the same page. The ride started off cloudy, and by the time we moved up the coast the clouds showered us with rain. As the first interval began we moved east, and the clouds parted and we thought things were looking up. Not too quick, Ben got a flat. Change one failed and the replacement tub exploded (yes, exploded. Sounded like a gun shot!). Change two was now required. Just like that we were out of tubes and CO2's.

Interval two, lets roll. As I finished the effort Ben slowed, and stopped. Another flat. Thankfully, a nice group of cyclists loaned a tube and CO2. They even patched the bad tube. How awesome, we'll hold onto that (ps-I've never patched a tube. cool!). Blood, sweat, and almost tears were shed. And we're off again. Interval 3, solid. We ran into my friend Shannon who I haven't seen in YEARS (that's what happens when you are friends with crazy smart ppl who become surgeons). We quickly caught up, and Bam...you guessed it, another flat. My turn this time. Thank you previous couple for patching Ben's tube. Shannon donated a CO2, and once again we were off.
By this point my legs were nonresponsive. I just wanted to get home. Not so fast Caroline. Yup, one more flat for Ben, this time in his front tire. UNREAL! Result, time for him to hitchhike, and time for me to ride my booty home. I purposely drove my bike to our meeting point to ensure I'd get in a solid t-run. I brought nutrition for a 3 hour ride. Ride time turned out to be closer to 4 hours (in typical Caroline style the ride was longer than planned), but we were out on the road for nearly 5hours. The t-run hurt (bad), but I hit my stride (and pace) and the work was in the bank.
Thing is at the end of my run I thought I was going to pass out. My nutrition for the morning was severely compromised because of time changing flats. I was a mess and needed fuel. Problem is my wallet was back home. Not smart Caroline! I must have looked horrendous because an amazing girl at B&L offered to buy me a recovery drink. I couldn't thank her enough. It was all the fuel I needed to be able to drive the 5miles home. I needed to pay this Amazingly AWESOME good deed forward, so I opted to cook dinner for friends. I rarely eat what most would consider a "real dinner," but I knew I needed to focus on a proper recovery and refueling. So I had a few friends over, and actually cooked! A real meal!! GO ME!

My friends were actually successful at getting me to go out last night. I was out past 10pm! And I didn't even turn into a pumpkin...shocking!

The weekend was topped off with a long slow run. My sunday run, a.k.a. The ranch run, is often referred to as the Ranch Race. But there was no racing in my legs, just an easy run in HR zone 2. It was perfect self control.
More hard work has been deposited in the bank. The flats are a thing of the past. Hakuna Matata!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Up and over

This week is the last big push before starting to back off for Buffalo Springs. I'm pretty excited to race another half IM, as Oceanside seems like forever ago. However I wanted to keep the momentum going after the race last Sunday. I really didn't feel too fatigued, so was able to come back with a strong swim and easy ride on Monday. No rest for the weary, because I had 3 tough days ahead. Tuesdays's 10 x 1mile running repeats, Wednesday's long ride, and Thursday's tempo run. I got through these workouts, along with some secondary swim workouts.
I will no doubt remember this track workout when I run out of T2 in Lubbock in two weeks! If only I could hold that 6:15-6:20 pace from T2 to the finish line! Needless to say my legs were trashed. I felt fine (relatively speaking) during the run on Thursday, but shortly after I ran HARD into this:

Thursday also called for a masters swim workout. But as the day went on I could hardly conceive what good another workout would do. Instead I walked through the doors of Sculpt Fusion. Ahhhhhhhhh, much better. Crazy how a quick nap and yoga was able to restore some much needed energy and positivity! I broke through the wall and once again I felt so fortunate to have found Sculpt Fusion. This yoga studio is simply the best!
This morning I was back in action and hammering it out in the long course pool for our traditional "fast friday" workout. It was a quick rebound, and I'm ready for a solid weekend of training with my wonderful training buddy's!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Let the Professional do his/her job"

When we're at the doctor and want to self diagnose we might hear someone advise us to "let the professional do his job." Or if you're like me and clueless about home repairs you'd want to hire a professional to "do the job." Well there's no difference in the triathlon world. When a professional triathlete heads out the door for work, you need to just let them do their job.
I feel fortunate to be able to periodically join some of these professionals as they work hard at what they do best: train hard! These determined athletes go into a workout with a plan, then execute that plan with much success. If I jump into a workout with them I try to let them do their job while reaping the benefit from their professionalism. It's an honor to be able to watch, join in, and provide another warm body so just maybe their day at the office is a bit more enjoyable. (heck I wish I could invite friend to my office to make my day job that much easier. haha!)

One of my favorite things about triathlon is that amateur's and professionals choose to participate because they love the sport. Growing up I learned there are many reasons why people choose to compete. Maybe their parents make them (ok I'm guilty, there were definitly childhood memories of unwillingly being pulled out of bed to get my butt to the pool. My mom was relentless. Now I thank her for that), they have talent they feel they can't waste, it provides them w/ a college scholarship, etc. etc. But seeing other triathletes competing simply out of a sincere love for the sport is contagious.
Living in San Diego enables me to periodically train along side these crazy fast friends of mine. Thing is, their coach prescribes the workout and they aren't going to change it. So you can join or not, but you can't change it. Happily I find nothing wrong with that! After all, these athletes and coaches combine a wealth of knowledge.

Yesterday, I needed to get in a solid track workout. An invite came for 10 x 1mile repeats. It fit perfectly into my schedule. It was a phenomenal workout. Thanks for sharing Katya! Today I struggled to get out the door and get on my bike. While trying to dodge the rain clouds, I ran into my friend Andrew. He was out with Luke Bell. Yes, I was kind of headed for home when I ran into them, but it didn't take much convincing to get me to get me to join the boys. Another perfect workout, which left my legs and energy level on empty. Then there are the swim workouts I get to do with Kate. I'll get to the pool wishing I could find a raft and fall asleep, but seeing her commitment and talent inspires me to stay with it.

Surrounding myself with people that loves the sport provides me so much inspiration. To see these extraordinary athletes perform at such an amazing level is inspiring and a privilege. I swear, they never get tired. Haha!

So here's to the professionals that do their job so well, and in the meantime inspire us all simply by sharing their love for the sport! And on that note, I hope I can make it out of bed for more tomorrow....

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wrong Turn

Sunday I was pretty excited to be able to get in one last short fast race before Buffalo Springs. Here I am with Lori before the race start of the LA Series Olympic Tri in Bonelli Park:

My plan was to focus on the bike. I've been riding a lot more lately, so am hopeful it starts paying off. But to get to the bike I'd have to make my way through a pretty confusing swim. There were about 10 red buoy's out in the lake, and we had to figure out which 4 were marking the course. With 2 mins to start there were fingers pointing toward the water trying to figure out the course. I started to wonder if I'd be in the lead and if I could just pick my own course. We had a wave of men ahead of us, but within 45seconds me and one other girl were swimming through/over/under them. (just a minor frustration of being a decent age group swimmer! Race directors never let us girls go first. GRRRRRRRRRRR. Marti and Mike Greer -race directors for Buffalo Springs70.3- could you maybe make this wish come true and put us after the pro's instead of last ;)) Anyways, the swim is what it is, and I was out of the water in second.

Within 6 miles of the bike I moved into first. The bike course consisted of 3 loops, with steady rolling hills, and all right turns. As I came back around to the beginning of the loop three volunteers were pointing to our right, and yelling for us to turn. The guys ahead of me did just that, and I followed. Within 2.5 minutes I was back at transition yelling out "where is the turn around." People told me to keep going, but it didn't seem right. I think the volunteers thought I was part of the sprint race and therefore told me to head for T2 a bit early. I corrected the mistake and made my way back to my wrong turn. I knew after 5 mins off course I lost the lead, but didn't know how many people benefited from my wrong turn. It was hard to mentally regain my focus and drive, but I tried. The next time I came to the corner there was a man w/ a megaphone giving the correct instructions. I'm just not use to being in the lead on the bike. Without this error my bike split would have been the fastest female by a few mins. Bummer, because that was my big goal (instead I had the 3rd fastest bike split).

As I left T2 someone told me I was in 3rd, with #2 only 1 minute ahead. Within 2 miles I ran into second. I was gaining on the girl ahead, but didn't think I had enough time to get her. The run course was again very hilly. At times I wondered if I was on an XTerra course. There were hills, bounders, steep descents, rivers and lonely trails. For much of the run there was no one in sight. Countless times I wondered if I went off course again. At one point I hit a dead end on a trail. Then I saw a small gap in the fence and an arrow in the distance. Whew, still on course. There weren't many mile markers so I was guessing on my pace. I figured I was holding around 6:50/7:00. With all the hills and trails I didn't feel super fast. Turns out I was holding 6:40. I'll take it!

I finished 2 minutes behind the leader. At first I was pretty bummed about the wrong turn costing me the overall female win, but I'm over it. The purpose of the race was accomplished. I pushed the bike and then got off and ran a solid 10k. I felt like I could have pushed the run pace more, but knew I was in solid in second. Total time for the 1.5k swim, 40k (well, actually 26.8mi) and 10k run was 2:20.
Pic post race with Andrew...oops, good pic of him, but awful pic of me with my eyes closed

After the race I met up with Brandy for a fun afternoon around Orange County. We started with a great lunch. When we were done eating we found ourselves amidst a chili festival. Who thinks having chili tasting on a warm summer day is a good idea. It was SO strange! The streets were jam packed with people taste testing chili. And then there was a "sexy leg competition." We thought about competing, but figured we'd easily win. I mean who would have better legs: triathletes, or chili tasters?

Then it was off to Brandy's new apartment complex for some pool side relaxing. Does this look like an apartment complex pool, or a resort? Welcome to life in the O.C.! Too bad there wasn't a pool drink server. Looks like my girl Brandy has found herself an awesome new home! I foresee some light training and pool side drinks after Buffalo Springs!?!?

Here's to one more solid week of training! Starts with some fun filled mile repeats in the a.m. Over and out...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Keeping promises...

Today I stuck to the promise I made for myself about a month ago. After racing at Big Rock and struggling to push a pace or power over what I do for a half ironman I promised that I would "taper" for a day before my next short race. Training day or not, when you put the number on we all want to be able to race. I'm still exhausted from a great week of awesome training, but today I did NOT ride long. I got in a few longer rides during the week and this morning kept it short and sweet. A pool workout and a short run and that was it. As I drove to the pool I was bummed that I didn't have a longer workout plan. I'd be home by 10am. That's crazy! But once the workout began I realized how tired I was. If today were a race I might have sunk to the bottom of the lake, never to be found. The run was short and sweet too. This meant I actually had time to run errands, hang out with friends, clean my apartment, and watch the Red Wings take another win (one more and we're Stanley Cup Champs again!). Wow, usually I ride/run and then eat and sleep.
Tomorrow I'll be up at an insane hour. I'm talking Ironman race day insanity! I have to be on the road before 5am. Yikes! But I'm really excited and happy that I will be able to race tomorrow. It's a fun olympic race up in San Dimas (north of L.A. I think...never been, but hear great things. I'll report to you tomorrow. Just hope the car GPS finds the way to the lake).

Hopefully my promise to rest for 2 days before the race (crazy how 2 hrs of working out for us is 'taking it easy') is coupled with my promise to go as hard and as fast as I can for a few short hours. I need all the speed work I can get, and there's no better workout than racing. Should be fun... but until then it's off to get a few hours of sleep.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

5,000 Fruits

This mornings workout was my main swim workout for the week. I've tried hard to stop obsessing about yardage/meterage, and focus on increasing my efforts. Quality vs. Quantity. But this morning I secretly wanted both. I cruised over to the pool with a few pump up jams playing on the radio (at 5:30a.m. I need all I can get to wake me up!). Should I aim for 4500meters, 5000. "Stop It!" I demanded from myself. I jumped into my new base lane. 1:35 is starting to seem like a thing of the past. After 2500meters the set was 2x600m, holding base minus 5sec. Ya Baby! I'm getting quality and quantity. After that most people got out. It was time for the next workout (we have one from 6-7:30, and another from 7:30-9. So spoiled!). I felt good so I hung out for just enough time to get to 5,000meters. I can get anal every once in a while...right?!?! Especially when the quality is there to back up the quantity.

Yesterday I didn't swim 5000m, but I think I ate 5,000 servings of fruit. So I started thinking: Can you eat too much fruit? I'm serious! Yesterday I had a great second breakfast:

But this wasn't the beginning, nor end of it. All in all my one day consumption of fruit was:
- 3 banana's
- 2C strawberries
- 3C cantaloupe
- 1C mango
- 2C grapes
- 1/2C raisins
- 4 dates
- 2C pineapple
- 1 apple
- 1 orange

I love the summer because fruit is fresh and yummy! But I think I might be taking it a bit too far. That's an awful lot of sugar!! What do you think? Maybe I should hit up the vegetable stand today...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Snow & Shopping

Ok I can't get into this posting w/out first admitting how soft I've become. San Diego can do that to you! I use to live through tough winters with -20degree days. I lived in a climate where wind chill and humidity percentage was part of our daily vocabulary. Now I have to stop myself from complaining about cloudy 65degree days. Seriously!?!?! Cloudy and 65 use to bring everyone (in shorts) out from hibernation. I started my last posting w/ a weather report. Most stayed in bed it was so bad (but remember San Diegians are S.O.F.T.!!!) The crazy weather continued, and today there was even hail! Half golf ball size hail, in San Diego?!?!? The hail was followed by thunder. I won't complain about that. Crazy for San Diego, but there's something about good thunderstorms that I miss! This one lasted 5 minutes, so it doesn't count.

Yesterday, late in the day the sun finally broke through the clouds. Nothing like a blue sky sighting!

I decided to add an easy ride into my schedule since I had a few errands to run anyway. Why not be ecofriendly ;)I've needed to change out my saddle for quite sometime, and finally had time to do so. I've been wanting to try the new ISM saddles. It is quite different, but I found instant comfort in it. I've only heard one person say they haven't like this saddle, so I had to try it. It was an instant love affair. Saddles are never comfortable right away. This one was. And I hear it gets even better once you get use to it and break it in. NICE!

I also discovered THE BEST water bottle on the market. Who doesn't hate leaky water bottles that get your hands and bike sticky during long rides! So you try the insulated bottles. Problem is you can't squeeze the bottle, so you end up drinking less. Camelbak solved the problem. Thank Goodness! Here it is: an insulated, leak free bottle that hold a full 16oz! THANK YOU CAMELBAK!

Regardless of the clouds it's been a great week for training. Yesterday's track workout hurt way more than I thought it would. My legs were still feeling the weekend. They got a break on Monday, so I didn't accept the excuse, and nailed each interval! Those workouts alone are killer, but with a good friend and strong athlete they can actually be fun! Thankfully this morning my friend Lauren was up for my bike interval challenge. The girl has power and cycling abilities that are ridiculously impressive!
As far as racing goes, I'm ecstatic that I'll be able to race this weekend at the L.A. Series Championship Olympic race. It will be a great way to start finding the speed I'll need going into Buffalo Springs70.3 in 3.5 weeks.

Make it a GREAT day! CHEERS!