Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Snow & Shopping

Ok I can't get into this posting w/out first admitting how soft I've become. San Diego can do that to you! I use to live through tough winters with -20degree days. I lived in a climate where wind chill and humidity percentage was part of our daily vocabulary. Now I have to stop myself from complaining about cloudy 65degree days. Seriously!?!?! Cloudy and 65 use to bring everyone (in shorts) out from hibernation. I started my last posting w/ a weather report. Most stayed in bed it was so bad (but remember San Diegians are S.O.F.T.!!!) The crazy weather continued, and today there was even hail! Half golf ball size hail, in San Diego?!?!? The hail was followed by thunder. I won't complain about that. Crazy for San Diego, but there's something about good thunderstorms that I miss! This one lasted 5 minutes, so it doesn't count.

Yesterday, late in the day the sun finally broke through the clouds. Nothing like a blue sky sighting!

I decided to add an easy ride into my schedule since I had a few errands to run anyway. Why not be ecofriendly ;)I've needed to change out my saddle for quite sometime, and finally had time to do so. I've been wanting to try the new ISM saddles. It is quite different, but I found instant comfort in it. I've only heard one person say they haven't like this saddle, so I had to try it. It was an instant love affair. Saddles are never comfortable right away. This one was. And I hear it gets even better once you get use to it and break it in. NICE!

I also discovered THE BEST water bottle on the market. Who doesn't hate leaky water bottles that get your hands and bike sticky during long rides! So you try the insulated bottles. Problem is you can't squeeze the bottle, so you end up drinking less. Camelbak solved the problem. Thank Goodness! Here it is: an insulated, leak free bottle that hold a full 16oz! THANK YOU CAMELBAK!

Regardless of the clouds it's been a great week for training. Yesterday's track workout hurt way more than I thought it would. My legs were still feeling the weekend. They got a break on Monday, so I didn't accept the excuse, and nailed each interval! Those workouts alone are killer, but with a good friend and strong athlete they can actually be fun! Thankfully this morning my friend Lauren was up for my bike interval challenge. The girl has power and cycling abilities that are ridiculously impressive!
As far as racing goes, I'm ecstatic that I'll be able to race this weekend at the L.A. Series Championship Olympic race. It will be a great way to start finding the speed I'll need going into Buffalo Springs70.3 in 3.5 weeks.

Make it a GREAT day! CHEERS!

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