Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Let the Professional do his/her job"

When we're at the doctor and want to self diagnose we might hear someone advise us to "let the professional do his job." Or if you're like me and clueless about home repairs you'd want to hire a professional to "do the job." Well there's no difference in the triathlon world. When a professional triathlete heads out the door for work, you need to just let them do their job.
I feel fortunate to be able to periodically join some of these professionals as they work hard at what they do best: train hard! These determined athletes go into a workout with a plan, then execute that plan with much success. If I jump into a workout with them I try to let them do their job while reaping the benefit from their professionalism. It's an honor to be able to watch, join in, and provide another warm body so just maybe their day at the office is a bit more enjoyable. (heck I wish I could invite friend to my office to make my day job that much easier. haha!)

One of my favorite things about triathlon is that amateur's and professionals choose to participate because they love the sport. Growing up I learned there are many reasons why people choose to compete. Maybe their parents make them (ok I'm guilty, there were definitly childhood memories of unwillingly being pulled out of bed to get my butt to the pool. My mom was relentless. Now I thank her for that), they have talent they feel they can't waste, it provides them w/ a college scholarship, etc. etc. But seeing other triathletes competing simply out of a sincere love for the sport is contagious.
Living in San Diego enables me to periodically train along side these crazy fast friends of mine. Thing is, their coach prescribes the workout and they aren't going to change it. So you can join or not, but you can't change it. Happily I find nothing wrong with that! After all, these athletes and coaches combine a wealth of knowledge.

Yesterday, I needed to get in a solid track workout. An invite came for 10 x 1mile repeats. It fit perfectly into my schedule. It was a phenomenal workout. Thanks for sharing Katya! Today I struggled to get out the door and get on my bike. While trying to dodge the rain clouds, I ran into my friend Andrew. He was out with Luke Bell. Yes, I was kind of headed for home when I ran into them, but it didn't take much convincing to get me to get me to join the boys. Another perfect workout, which left my legs and energy level on empty. Then there are the swim workouts I get to do with Kate. I'll get to the pool wishing I could find a raft and fall asleep, but seeing her commitment and talent inspires me to stay with it.

Surrounding myself with people that loves the sport provides me so much inspiration. To see these extraordinary athletes perform at such an amazing level is inspiring and a privilege. I swear, they never get tired. Haha!

So here's to the professionals that do their job so well, and in the meantime inspire us all simply by sharing their love for the sport! And on that note, I hope I can make it out of bed for more tomorrow....

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