Thursday, June 4, 2009

5,000 Fruits

This mornings workout was my main swim workout for the week. I've tried hard to stop obsessing about yardage/meterage, and focus on increasing my efforts. Quality vs. Quantity. But this morning I secretly wanted both. I cruised over to the pool with a few pump up jams playing on the radio (at 5:30a.m. I need all I can get to wake me up!). Should I aim for 4500meters, 5000. "Stop It!" I demanded from myself. I jumped into my new base lane. 1:35 is starting to seem like a thing of the past. After 2500meters the set was 2x600m, holding base minus 5sec. Ya Baby! I'm getting quality and quantity. After that most people got out. It was time for the next workout (we have one from 6-7:30, and another from 7:30-9. So spoiled!). I felt good so I hung out for just enough time to get to 5,000meters. I can get anal every once in a while...right?!?! Especially when the quality is there to back up the quantity.

Yesterday I didn't swim 5000m, but I think I ate 5,000 servings of fruit. So I started thinking: Can you eat too much fruit? I'm serious! Yesterday I had a great second breakfast:

But this wasn't the beginning, nor end of it. All in all my one day consumption of fruit was:
- 3 banana's
- 2C strawberries
- 3C cantaloupe
- 1C mango
- 2C grapes
- 1/2C raisins
- 4 dates
- 2C pineapple
- 1 apple
- 1 orange

I love the summer because fruit is fresh and yummy! But I think I might be taking it a bit too far. That's an awful lot of sugar!! What do you think? Maybe I should hit up the vegetable stand today...


Shan said...

That's a LOT of fruit!! But as long as it's not all you ate in a day, I think you'd be fine!

Crazy San Diego weather!!! Feel free to come visit us up here where there's sun! (But some rain tomorrow) hehehehe.

Keep training strong!

Uli said...

haha, well how did you feel this morning after eating all that fiber yesterday? That would be my only concern. I too loooove fruits, but I can't eat them that much throughout the day. And um, I wish I could do a 5k swim. I just get sooo bored, and masters classes are only an hour and not consecutive like yours. Maybe I should come out to visit sometime! Hope training is going swimmingly (ha), hopefully we'll run into each other at some point this season!