Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boring Taper Week

When it's time to taper for a race it seems like there is little to write about. I'm not out chasing the fast kids, the workouts are nothing to write home about (or blog about), and pre-race thoughts are always tough for me to openly share. I know I care about a race (shouldn't we care about every race we toe the line for....) because my thoughts are an aimless wandering mess! My close training partners know the mental struggle I've faced leading up to this race. Finally this mental struggle has worked itself out and my mind is clear. So now there is nothing left to do but get to Lubbock in one peace and race hard. One year ago I was a banged up mess (see prior blog about my run in with a large SUV), hardly able to walk between my bed and the bathtub for ice baths. It makes me feel quite thankful that I'm concussion free and bruiseless (however I still have a nice permanent bruise on my left knee to remind me of that jerk hit-and-run driver).
It is hard for me to get out the door for the short training rides. Put a 5 or 6 hour ride on the schedule and I don't even think twice about getting started. Yesterday Beth volunteered to join me. All of a sudden it was a lot easier to get excited for a short 90min ride + t-run. Ever since dominating at the La Jolla half marathon she's been nursing an injury, so it was GREAT to see her run again!

A special thanks to XTerra for tracking down a sleeveless wetsuit for me to wear this weekend! I hate wetsuits, so the more I can eliminate from the suit the better...especially with the crazy hot temps expected in Texas this weekend! Today's agenda includes my absolute least favorite part of traveling to race: getting the bike race ready and packing it. Thankfully I have a few friends/awesome bike tech's ready to lend a hand when I get frustrated and start pulling out all my hair. Big bummer that tribike transport doesn't service this race!!!!

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