Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rest is a Good Thing!

At the beginning of this week I was sincerely wondering if doing SO little training last week was a mistake. Well, I knew it wasn't a mistake (could a week in Bermuda ever be a mistake- NO!). This weekend it was really time to get back into the swing of things. I wanted to ride long on Sat, and run hard Sunday. I was a bit nervous about both. This is especially true because I planned to head out to Lake Henshaw with some ridiculously fast riders. Marit and Charisa are amazing athletes. Both qualified for Kona at Oceanside (undoubtedly the hardest place to qualify for the Big Dance in my opinion!) What do all 3 of us have in common??? We're 3 girls who LOVE our Brooks running shoes!

The worst part of the ride was the beginning. I had to meet them at 7, which meant leaving at 6 and waking up by 5. Ouch! Not too bad on a hot sunny day, but it was killer on this day. June gloom is worse than I've ever seen. The marine layer is so thick that its been "raining" every morning. doesn't call it rain. Just 100% humidity, and cloudy. But the clouds are dropping water and the roads were quite wet. Within 10mins I was drenched. Within 12 mins I had a flat. I didn't allow time for this. So I rode home, changed the flat, threw my bike in the car, got in the car (helmet still on!) and drove as fast as I could. Once I thought I could ride to meet them in time I parked, jumped out of the car and rode away. Thankfully San Diegians are scared of rain, so few ppl were on the freeway watching me drive with a helmet.
Once we were inland enough the dark gray clouds parted, and everyone was instantly happy again.
This picture was taken just before we were attacked by several swarms of flying crickets! I never knew such a thing existed. It was like riding through a swarm of small birds.

Merit and Charisa were great at following their power meters and heartrate monitors. Meanwhile I just tried to hold pace with them. Along the route there was the ostridge farm, swarms of flying crickets (again, so gross!), and cowboys herding cattle:

We took time to refuel, recaffeinate, and fill the bottles. Sadly we didn't include Julian Apple Pie into the stop.

After the pit-stop it was off to find Mt. Palomar.

The second half of this half is often thought of as "all downhill." Truth is, there are several hills and mountains remaining, its just that they are separated by flat and downhill sections. Eventually we'd have to return to the clouds of June Gloom shown in this pic. Thankfully while many cyclists stayed nestled in their beds we rode far enough east to escape the dangerously wet roads!

After 6 hours I was still feeling good. I could have turned towards my car, but then I would only get in 90ish miles. Mentally I had prepared myself for 110+, and was surprisingly still feeling good. I rode with the girls to San Marcos, then turned east at Elfin Forest. I finished with a strong 20min half ironman pace effort. To feel that good 90miles in gave me the mental boost I needed!
The benefit of driving to meet the group was that my car was parked close to a great running trail. After 110miles on the bike my legs and energy level actually felt great for my t-run. The run finished right outside this mexican restaurant that I've wanted to try for quite some time.

Hernandes Hideaway wasn't worth it, so save yourself the trip (that is unless you're out there riding/running for 7 hours- then anything tastes great). After eating for 2 hours straight I was off to the bar to cheer on my boys with my fellow Red Wings fans. Wings 3, Pens 1.

After a largely sleepless night it was time to hit the trails for the Sunday Ranch Run. I run out there almost every Sunday and love it. The loop is 11.5 miles of trails, and finishes at a place with more trails for those looking for longer runs. I'll have to look back through my training history on trainingpeaks, but I think I was close to last year's PR for the loop. Due to the speedy pace we had to tack on a few easy miles at the end before hitting the pool for a recovery swim. Then it was back to eating!

Both Trevor and Marit are racing at Ironman CDA in 3 weeks. Both are strong and ready to go! I can't wait to see them tear it up. And for those who raced at Honu, great job tackling the heat! A huge congrats to Mike and Linnea who cashed in (literally) their tickets for Kona!

PS- if anyone can tell my why the pictures are downloading into the draft screen as text instead of the picture please let me know! It didn't use to do this, and it is quite annoying!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Over the past few months I've been part of a study for a potential new sports drink that Under Armour is thinking about introducing. It involved 4 VO2 tests, along with the other lab tests (weight, body comp, lactate, and blood testing). Going in I knew I wasn't great with high end speed. After 4 tests I learned:
....drum roll please.... I don't have the best high end speed. My VO2 and power output is strong at my threshold, and I can maintain this output with a low heart rate compared to my max. There's a reason I enjoy endurance racing, and have never done a sprint triathlon. It is great to know my actual heart rate zones. If I had a coach I'm sure they'd interpret all this info, force me to throw a crazy expensive power meter on my bike, and properly tailor my training. Oh well, it's good info, and I shall see what I do with it.
First step is to keep the weekly swami's ride in my schedule as long as I can. There's no doubt the ride works on my top end speed while I try to find more comfort (comfort being a relative term) in reaching and holding my heart rate at a ridiculous rate. Sadly, after my week break from working out resulted in a bust for a workout today. I got dropped like a bad habit. Ugh! I thought last week's forced break would really help. It doesn't seem to be helping in the short term, but I'm sure my body is thankful for the break and will be stronger come race day.

On another note, Detroit once again received confirmation that it deserve the nickname of "Hockey Town." You can take a girl out of the midwest, but you can't take the midwest out of the girl! And we sure do love our hockey back there. Tonight the Red Wings clinched the Western Conference Championship. Only 4 wins to go and Lord Stanley will be able to remain in his home: DETROIT. It's a rematch of last years finals. Here's to hoping the result is the same!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Back to Reality

Birthdays over...but it sure did come and go with a bang! I can't think of a better way to have celebrated! The idea for my mom and I to spend our birthdays together came about back in 2001 when I was rowing for the NCAA championships in Atlanta. Our team was put up in an awesome resort/spa, and it was also the wknd of my birthday (man I was a young pup back then). My mom thought it would be fun to go to different spas each year on the wknd btwn our bdays. Her's is may 16, and mine may 24. The following year we went to a resort in Florida, and then after that she came to San Diego. Last year my quest for Kona required me to race Honu 70.3 instead of celebrating our tradition. This year the easy choice was spending the time with the greatest woman on earth!
I was able to get in a few solid running sessions on the treadmills. Yuck! My mom was awake and in the gym by 6 every morning! She put me to shame!! And the boat also had spinning classes. However I got in trouble for not listening to instructions, and not wanting to get off the bike when the class was over (but seriously he had everyone stretch for 20mins. Since we weren't allowed on the spin bikes outside of the classes I found it perfectly fine to ignore the instructor when he said to pedal easy or get off the bike to stretch).
So here are a few pics from our celebration of her Birthday in NYC before setting sail to Bermuda.

And here we are sailing away from the city. Bermuda here we come!

Once we got to the island we were in paradise. Here are just a few of our amazing memories from the week...

After a week of awesome meals I think it might be time to quit eating for a month!

Sadly, we eventually had to set sail and leave the beautiful island. We had a great time there, and I must say that the Bermuda community is awesome. Every local we met (including the school kids that ride public transportation to and from school. crazy!!) was extremely welcoming! They could get really annoyed with tourists taking over their home, but instead they love sharing this beauty with others. As we left the island I couldn't help but think how lucky I am! Every mother/daughter should take time out for each other. We're lucky to have our birthdays close enough to make it into a bday tradition. The memories from this week will last a lifetime!
And guess what. Traveling for a vacation that doesn't involve a triathlon is quite fun! However, I would love to return to Bermuda for their yearly triathlon. HaHa.

Now it's back to reality. The plan: work, train, and starve myself! This morning started with a 6,000yd swim workout, and dusting off the bike. I missed my baby ;)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bermuda Birthdays

The ship has landed. It is beautiful here!!! It is quite nice to be on land again as far as working out goes. The boat's workout room is nice, but I don't get how people do that everyday! If I had to workout in a gym everyday I wouldn't do it. Yuck! I hammered out a great "track" interval run yesterday but I struggled with the treadmill today. I just want to get back to land. Oh and running on a treadmill when the seas are rough is not easy. Luckily we only had a day of rough seas before the beautiful blue waters and blue sky came out to play.

It only took about 20mins of being on land before we walked by the island bike shop. I darted across the street (I think my mom thought I saw my favorite store, but nope it was just a bike shop, and I wanted to know where to swim and where to run). I inquired inside and found a triathlete who lives out here. Looks like I'm all set. Tonight and tomorrow we're going to go out on his boat and get in a 2mile ocean swim. Ahhhhhh, just like that I feel like I'm in love with this place. I like being a tourist, but would hanging with locals is always a ton more fun.

We're off to the beaches to play in the water before I meet up with my islanders for an open water swim. Then we have to go to the Bermuda yaught club. My dad was insistent that we go and have some famous rum drink there.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bon Voyage

I do love visiting THE City, but I can’t stay long. One exhausting day topped up with an all too common rude waitress and I was ready to depart the city. But I couldn’t leave until I got in my long run. So Sunday morning I awoke to tired legs and feet, but set out for Central Park. It was cold…below 55 I believe. I actually thought it was snowing, but then realized it was small white flowers falling from a tree above. San Diego has made me quite a softie! But it was actually an awesome morning for a run.

I was warned to stay to the outside roads so I didn’t get lost in the park. Lost? It was only a few square miles!

Ok, she was right! But I love getting lost on long runs. Thing is I had a boat to catch, so I tried to stay to the outside roads. But off in the distance I spotted a dirt trail. I never run on concrete, so I was lured to the trail. Within 2 minutes 4 guys went flying by me. Boys....I like chasing the boys. I was off to the races. They kept looking back as if to say “who is this chic that’s latched onto us.” So eventually I said good morning and told them I needed some motivation to keep a decent pace. Ask, and I shall receive. I ran with them for 8miles and had no clue where we were (I thought we were running in one huge circle. Turns out we did a small 2.5mile circle 3.5 times. I swear we never passed the same things twice).
They kept us on the dirt trail, and kept the pace at or below 7:00. Wonderful, but as the nice New Yorkers turned for home I had to ask where I was in the park. West Side. Oh, perfect, only 25mils left on my run so I’ll head south towards the hotel.

The buildings and trees did not look similar. Finally I asked someone what direction I was going. “That way is North.” Seriously? Ok, I’m lost! I ran back into the park and was taken over by about 4,000 walkers doing an AIDS benefit walk. I was scared I’d get lost under the massive trees, and therefore opted to run on the outside of the park. Back out I went. Just to make sure I was now running south toward Time Square I asked someone. “Time Square is that way right.” “Ahhhhhh, no” and then she pointed the opposite direction. Seriously? My watch said I only had 5 mins left of my run, and soon my mom would start worrying that I tried to find dirt trails and got lost.

Eventually I made it back to the hotel. About 30mins after I had planned to, but at least I got in a long run. 15miles I think the Garmin said. Perfect, now its time for these tired legs to start their vacation. NYC boys, thanks for making my long run a memorable one!

It was time to board the Norwegian Dawn and set sail. Good Bye NYC.

(Lots of great pics to come later. But since I pay a BUTT load for the internet on this cruise those will have to wait....but there will be one of my mom winning a 2kt Topaz necklace. It was a cloudy day, so we went to this lecture on getting around Bermuda, at the end there was a raffle.....hehehehe, I entered my mom like 4 times. AND she Won. It was her bday so I think she deserved more than one chance to win. ;) Happy Birthday Mom!!!)

NYC Baby

I hate red eye flights! I can’t sleep on an airplane. But in order to spend my mom’s actual bday in NYC it was worth it. It was like pulling an all nighter! I arrived at 6am, and would hang out at the airport for 2 hours waiting for my mom to get in from MI. She walked around the corner, and it was time to celebrate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!

And celebrate we did. We didn’t stop all day. From the airport to the hotel, drop our bags, off to Broadway. We waited in lines for tickets, and entered lottery’s for others. After a few hours we had tickets for God of Carnage and Next To Normal. Time for a quick breakfast (I was starving! And would need much caffeine to get through the day) we were off to show #1.

Next it was off to 5th Ave. and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Then we were so lucky to meet up with a wonderful family friend of ours. A quick phone call and 5mins later she was there to enjoy the day with us! It is always awesome to see one of the ROCG kids. (long story short- in the neighborhood I grew up in a group of mom’s use to get together and do crafts. Although most family’s have moved from that neighborhood they still get together every month. They’re my 2nd family really. Oh the mom’s adopted the name Rolling Oaks Craft Group. Although us kids swear they never did a single craft and just loved to gossip about us!)

From there it was off to dinner and show #2: Next to Normal. Great entertainment, but after the Gregory Girls were done! With little sleep I wasn’t sure how I got through the day. My mom was up at 4am, and stayed out until 10:30 (yes, that’s quite late for her. Oh wait, that’s late for me too.) We packed as much into her birthday as we possibly could. No “training” today, but I was beyond exhausted. I swore we walked a million miles today. Here’s the pictures to prove it:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Old Thoughts Renewed...

So the day after blogging about my masters "swim practice thoughts," they returned. No, not thoughts of swimming fast, or loving my coaches/fellow masters groupies (like I said before- that's a constant). Nope, the thoughts of exhaustion and hunger.
This morning Coach kicked our butts on the track. I knew this workout was coming, and to prepare I kicked my own butt in the days leading up to it: Mile repeats at track on tuesday, strong swim and longish ride w/ intervals Wed, and then wake up and hammer it out on the trails this morning.
My alarm went off, and I wasn't ready. I usually have a bit of a jump out of bed when its time to wake up for track workouts.
If anyone wanted to guess what workout I was about to do they could just watch the speed at which I wake up. Swim...VERY slow, Bike...medium reaction time to the alarm with maybe 1 snooze, Run...I'm up and rearing to go (ok well as rearing to go as one might be at 5 a.m.) I think it just has to do with the amount of preparation e/ sport takes. Swimming, roll me into the pool and I'll wake up and be ready. However biking and running requires a bit more fuel, coffee, and alertness for me.

The workout called for over 60mins of interval work. My legs and body was tired going into it, so I stayed in bed an extra 10mins. Less time for warm-up meant less time to talk myself out of the workout. Half way through I thought I'd have to call it quits. But this is where the joys of my training partners comes in! Terry took the lead for the next interval and I just tried to hang. Just like that I was over the hump and knew I wasn't going anywhere. 9-10 mile "track" workouts (our track today was the trails), gotta love 'em!

I tried to refuel and reenergize before getting back to campus for swim practice. But my walk onto the pool deck was slow! I gradually made my way to the 1:30 lane (which is where I belong when it's long course- but today was short course). Coach looked at me as if to say "that isn't your lane." I reminded her of the pain she put me through a few hours prior.

After only a few thousand yards I had to get myself out of the pool and to Whole Foods. I would have taken a picture of my amazingly large, healthy, and jam packed sandwich....but I downed it a bit too fast.

Happy Training!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Simply THE Best!

For those triathletes/swimmers reading, what do you think about during those hours spent starting at The black line? For me its usually that I'm either tired or hungry (or both...because that feeling comes all too often, haha). Today I thought about how lucky I am to be a part of THE best masters program! Almost every day I participate in a workout on UCSD's campus. When I first moved to Cali (5 years ago...WOW!) I found my way to UCSD's pool.4 swim workouts every day (that's about how many masters workouts were held on a weekly basis back in MI), an outdoor long course pool (way better than those indoor pools I grew up with), and track workouts that kick my butt. I didn't realize when I walked on this deck that this program would the cornerstone of life here in San Diego. Throughout law school, the bar exam, the stresses of the job search, and the joys of life as an attorney (joys...there is a tad bit of sarcasm there) the workouts and people of this masters program would be the one constant. I got into triathlon for the love of sport, but its the people who I get to train with that makes all the difference.
I mean who wouldn't love waking up and finding their way to the pool deck to see this face:
I've been trying to do more workouts in the faster/fastest lane, and am finally feeling good there. Those kiddo's in lane 1 are fast, fast, fast. But I'm hanging on and continuing with my effort to try harder at the pool. And I'm finally feeling like it might actually transition to a faster swim come race day. Here's to another awesome workout this morning, and many more to come!

Make it a great day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Train Hard, Race Hard...2nd Female, 7th Human

This week resulted in tough training and tired legs! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday included an awesome interval bike to 60min run brick workout, long swami's ride (few workouts kill me like that ride!), and a return to track for a great 10mile tempo run intervals on Thursday.

When I am racing simply for training I find it almost impossible to give up a day of hard training to allow my body to rest for the race. Isn't it the triathlon way to enjoy being tired and well trained?!?!?! I don't know many triathletes that find tapering easy. I am no different. Tapering is not my specialty, and this is especially true for shorter "C-" races. But after a tough week it was time to elevate the intensity for a local olympic distance race. But before I can get to race day I have to report on the amazing end of the week festivities.....

As you've maybe read in prior postings I am a HUGE Red Wings hockey fan. It's round 2 of the playoffs, and the Wings are playing Anaheim's Ducks. That means 3 of the games would be played right up the freeway from me. Thursday I got a call that tickets had been scored, and I had to get ready ASAP for the game. I was sure Matt was joking, but he promised he wasn't (we both agreed that would be a cruel joke). I started resting my vocal cords as I knew I had to represent Detroit (a.k.a. Hockey Town). The Wings won 6-3, making for an awesome night! Wings fans took over the hockey arena, and it hardly felt like we were the away team. (although I knew I was in SoCal when half naked girls came onto the ice at every commercial break to "clean" the ice. I've never seen so much ice cleaning at a hockey game. Meanwhile the dudes in the arena wished for more. haha)

So, back to the "race" report. Saturday morning I headed to Lake Perris. It was a low key fun race, and a great morning for some hard efforts. Had I not been racing it would have been very tough to wake up and train hard. I was tired, but the idea of racing brought about that 'race day energy.' Before the swim I spotted Sergio and Christina at the race. I didn't put a whole lot of thought or planning (actually had to pack for the race in about 25mins because of the surprise red wings plans...see above :) ), so I didn't know who would be racing. It was great to see them out there ready to rock n' roll! When the horn went off I found Christina to be right there on my left side. Soon after I grabbed her feet with hopes of hanging on. Sadly I didn't have a rope with me, therefore making it tough to cling to her feet and hang on. There was one guy out with us, so I decided to practice drafting and attach myself to his feet. By buoy 2 I thought I could go harder so made the pass and swam the final 3/4's of the swim alone. My shoulders and legs were burning (on the swim...not good), but I told them to shut up and go!

By mile 2 on the bike my legs were unresponsive, but I kept demanding more. Ouch!!! I was feeling my killer training from the week. As the bike went on my legs started to loosen a little, and I hoped for a strong run. My confidence has taken a blow since my absence from running last month. I really want to get back to the running shape I was in last year!

Christina Jackson and I came out of the swim in first/second, respectfully. We remained there throughout the bike, and into the run. I was thankful for her being there. I realized the next female was over 5 minutes behind me and I was running away from her. Had Christina not been racing hard ahead of me I think I would have shut it down on the run. And seeing as though the point of the race was to put forth a hard effort on tired legs, that was not in the plan. I closed a little on the run, but still wasn't clipping along at the pace I hoped for. My tempo efforts on my 10miler on Thurs was faster. So at the run turn around I started playing games. The boys were now girls, and I had to pass them all! I took one at a time and was able to negative split the run even though the way back involved running into a decent head wind. It was great to race and I had a lot of fun out there.
Racing within a tough training period is a recipe for pain. But it will also make me appreciate how I'll feel when my "A" races come around and I'm rested/tapered.
Here are your Big Rock 1st and 2nd overall females, and 6th and 7th humans.

Next olympic race is June 7, and I think I might taper for 2 or 3 days before it ;) Until then there is a lot of work to do!

Thanks for reading. Cheers!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo!! it really May! Already! Big month for me, as that big big big birthday lies ahead. I'm not sure I'm ready to be 28 yet ;)
I was a bad athlete! and today I paid for it. Yesterday I just wasn't up for that 60min run I had on my schedule. So I did something I never do...I moved it to today. My day was already packed with a interval trainer workout (Thanks to Coach Troy Jacobson's spinerval workout), swim and my Tuesday evening date with yoga. I had to run too. So I woke up at the butt crack of dawn to get myself onto the trainer. It's been a while since I've been on the trainer, but its great for interval work. The old Cannondale tank got it's turn to be pulled off the bike rack.

Off the bike to get in that run workout that I missed yesterday. Coaches always say if you miss a workout, don't try to make up for it. But I don't have a time to run the bluffs in Del Mar. The sun was rising, and it was beautiful. I love this 6.5 mile loop! (except for the huge hill going home...)

I was tired, but I'd eventually have to get to the pool. I walked in to the Cinco De Mayo festivities set up by Coach Sickie- chips, salsa and soda (did I just say soda! Ahhhh, I can't lose my midwestern roots. I meant POP ). Terry was out today, so we had a substitute. (Instead she was floating far up in the sky in a hot air baloon to celebrate Billy's 50th bday. Happy Birthday Billy!!) Without Terry on deck I was worried we wouldn't get a traditional tuesday workout, so I opened my mouth. "Coach, is there going to be a lot of fluff in this workout. I just want to swim." I'm not a fan of lots of drills and kicking stuff in the middle of the workout. Beginning or end, ok...but not the middle. Plus, I was tired. I just wanted to get in the yardage and get out.
Well, after the warm-up set he kindly announced that we'd have a special Cinco De Mayo celebration, and I'd be leading the charge. I was put in my own lane. Everyone else would do the workout he had planned, but I'd doing 5 x 500 on base. Would anyone join me? Sadly Kate wasn't there today, this was her kind of set too. Two people thankfully jumped in to join me... and together we celebrated whatever it is this 5th day of May is all about. I guess I got what I asked for. Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Oatmeal at its best

Not much to report on the training front. Well except to note that aqua jogging does NOT work your calf muscles like running. Man my calfs have been on fire since last Thursdays run interval workout. Last wk was a combination recovery week and start running again week. I struggled to keep my workouts short and within my recovery zones this weekend. You know how it goes: you hear what others are doing and of course everything sounds fun so why not join in!?!?!
I set out for the Swami's ride on Sat and promised that if I got to the Church and my legs were still fatigued from the volume of training up to this week, that I'd turn for home. I didn't want to...but I did. Turns out I was happy I did so. Recovery weeks without actually recovering can mean danger down the road. So I rode easy home. Sunday I returned to the long run loop and suffered. But I was out there, and that's a start. Right!? My lower legs were screaming at me as I wondered how on earth I could feel this bad after only 3-4wks of no running. Half way through the run I wished I could go in for an a.r.t. session. But it was Sunday, and the only person doing massage work today would be me. I spent a good deal of time on the foam roller, using the stick, and muscle stim. Turns out today my legs are feeling great, and I'm ready to get back to work!
Two more weeks hard, and make a few deposits into the bank before spending my next recovery week in Bermuda! Recovery weeks are always tough for me (and most type A triathletes), but somehow I think I'll do ok with the recovery when I'm confined to a cruise ship and beautiful island (except that I'll be with my mom who religiously works out every morning. So she'll keep me from sleeping in too much). Oh, and I've already researched how many miles I'd run if I ran the whole island, and where the best place to engage in open water swimming is :) Hmmmm, maybe I can run to an open water swim in Harrington Bay (I've read this is where a few open water swim races are held, and where Bermuda's triathletes train) I can't wait. Only 12 sleeps until I'll be in NYC and on my way to Bermuda!

One of the benefits of a shorter workout is that I can take a little time to make a yummy breakfast after I get home from the workout. (If I've been out for 5+ hours I down a protein shake and then eat everything in sight, and eat too fast to enjoy any of it). Once back from my "short" 3 hr ride on Sat I made my favorite breakfast treat. It's crazy healthy and I love it! Oatmeal lovers, you have to try it! I'll make it one day over the wknd then take it to work all week. Add yogurt with it and you get some protein too.

Baked Oatmeal:
I'm notorious for making healthy recipe's even healthier. So here's the actual recipe (and ways I tweak it)

2.5C regular rolled oats
1/4 C oat bran
1/4C steel-cut oats
2tsp baking powder
1/2tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
(optional: I add about 1/3C of a mix of wheat germ and ground flax seed)

Mix the above in a large mixing bowl. set aside.

2C milk
1 egg beaten (or 2 egg whites)
1/3C applesauce
1/4C cooking oil (I add another 1/4 C applesauce & only 1T oil)
1/4C granulated sugar (I substitute with about 3T honey)
1/4C brown sugar
(when I make it with apples I add 1/3C of almond butter)

Combine above ingredients, then add to oat mixture, stirring until combined. Roll in 2Cups of fresh fruit (blueberries and small chunks of apples are my favorite. Strawberries are good too. But use fresh berries not dried or frozen! Oh and sometimes I do a tiny corner of the tray with unsweetened coconut and dark chocolate chips ;) mmmmmmmmmmmmm)
Turn into a lightly greased baking pan. You can use either the 8x8 or larger. I use a larger pan because I like it thinner and crispier, but you can make it in a casserole dish. Bake uncovered for 30 minutes, or until top is lightly browned (for smaller, deeper pans it takes around 40mins).
Its great served with plain yogurt!!

Enjoy! and Happy Training!!