Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pre-Christmas 40,000

I went away for Christmas (and loved every minute of it!), and didn't do a good job at blog updates. I needed the get away and took full advantage of the time I had with my awesome family.
In my continued quest to not run or bike prior to Christmas (running)/New Years (biking) I swam quite a bit before leaving for MI. The first workout of the week came from Colleen. Maybe she was a bit hungover from our masters Christmas party the night before (see previous post)?!?!!? Somehow she thought we could get in 6000yds in an hour and 15mins. I haven't swam that far since high school. But I stayed in after most got out, and finished off everything on the board. That was the start of many 6,000yd days.After the second 6k day I figured I could get to 40k if I kept at it.

At weeks end I accumulated 40,000yds, and my shoulders felt it! Coach Hux (above) stayed to make sure I didn't give up on my little mission. Oh it's the little things that make the off season so much fun!

I picked up my bike from my friends garage this morning (I knew if I kept it here I might give in to one of the many awesome invites to ride and not take a solid break). But before I can get to today I have to put up a few pics from my awesome MI Christmas get away. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's no secret, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

Tis the season! And I love everything about it!!!

This past weekend was the Encinitas Masters Christmas party. We had a blast. I have been a masters whore over the last 4 months. Man we're lucky. Three awesome masters teams in a 10mile radius! It's been fun to change it up a bit, and am enjoying some new swim buddy's (Yes, I do really miss everyone at UCSD, but I'll be back).

Molly and that adorable smile (the wine was good too)

One of my fabulous lane mates, and Coach Hux (who let him out of the house with a kilt on?!?!?! (Sadly the skirt didn't make it into the pic)

In my last post I mentioned my trip to the Del Mar lights with Warren (oh and Theresa and Paul too). How adorable is he! Was he more excited about the lights, or the fact that he was allowed in the driver's seat? Who cares, he's just darn cute!

Nothing else to report. I'm just enjoying everything this time of year brings. Christmas music, Christmas trees, decorating friends homes (since I don't stay here for Christmas), Christmas movies, and various yearly traditions.... underneath it all is the knowledge that it really all serves to remind us of the greatest gift of all. You know the ACTUAL reason for this season...Jesus birthday!

Enjoy the season, and everything that comes with it! Sending lots of Christmas love your way!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh the life...

This video cracked me up. It completely reminds me of the mentality of triathletes leading into an Ironman! This is right up there with the Triathlete article, by Roch and Paul, advising friends/family how to handle their MP's (mental patient/athlete) leading up to race day. (thanks for sharing Brad)
Click here for a few laughs

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Not even 2 weeks

Was this really me less than 2 weeks ago?
Oh ya, I remember how cold that water was! Thankfully XTerra keeps me warm and comfy no matter the conditions! 

Those socks/arm warmers were a genius idea. Thanks Linsey.

Cervelo came through in a big way for me! Sadly we found a crack in the frame when I was in Hawaii. The awesome team at Cervelo made sure a new P3 was ready to turn out a fast bike split in Az, an d for that I am beyond grateful!!

This picture reminded me that my back was really bothering me on the bike. When you're out there racing you must quiet those aches and pains. After a race those go away (any time now!) and you're left with memories of the overall experience.

Looking a bit bloated here.

Oh ya, I remember the pain my quads and feet felt from all that concrete pounding. It certainly wasn't a result of the shoes...LOVE the LAUNCH!!
I had to alter my softer surface course to get around Mr. photographer...

This is what I hope to remember for months to come. This is what will carry me through to my next ironman (Canada...or is that too far away ;), and motivate me to continue down that path of self improvement.

I loved the flowers! Diana even made sure they'd match my race kit. Mwah!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's been a while

I haven't made any sincere posts since Ironman Arizona. There is one main reason! I am enjoying time away from triathlon. I'm thinking about other things and I'm spending my time doing other things; and I think for that my mind and body are thankful. But here's a bit of what I've been up to.

Kevin asked me to do a short interview with him back in June. It was just posted on his (good looking) site. I would have answered some questions differently after this season, but it was nice to remember where my head was back in June. That was back when I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make the trip to Kona. Oh the memories and experiences that still lied ahead...
Check it out on Finishline-multisport.

Oh, back to the fabulous off season. In SoCal so many refuse to take time away. Thankfully we had 2 weeks of cool weather, clouds and rain. I embraced it, and stayed off the roads and trails. I have a few aches to heal, and therefore have stuck to my "pre-Ironman Arizona: Do not run/ride until ankle pain/inflammation is gone" plan. I've embraced the life as a yogi fish! Yup, yoga and swimming has been my way of life for the past 3 weeks. I did nothing but a little yoga for 2 weeks, then added swimming last week, and this week I'm adding in some solid lifting sessions. I've ignored every single invite to go for an "easy" run or ride! I'm enjoying a real off season! Don't get me wrong. I miss running and riding, but that is what will get me back on the road and trails with a vengeance in 2010!

So it's been all about the pool. This solo sport adventure can get boring, so I've added a bit of a challenge to the mix this week. After two consecutive days of 6,000yd swim workouts I might have an idea: Can I get in 40,000yds this week? Plus, I need to get myself back into swimming shape so I can tackle the yearly swim workout I often do with my old swim team back home. And when I say old, I mean the age group swimmers who let me jump in with them for a long long workout (did I seriously do those workouts when I was 12?!?!?!?!). It's a lot of fun to get worked by a bunch of high school swimmers! Every Christmas I go to the pool thinking of getting in a short solo swim, but my old coach convinces me to jump in for their workout. Within 200yds a bunch of kids half my height are working me with their superior butterfly skills.

In the fog of Ironman training I missed out on quality time with a lot of dear friends. One of which welcomed an adorable son into the world 9months ago. He is so fun now! We took him to see the sea lions (I don't think he knew there were animals down there lounging on the beach). Our trip to the Del Mar Christmas lights was so special because we got to enjoy it through his eyes. Warren, you rock!

Better get back to the pool...17,500 down 22,500 to go.

Staying strong

Before an ironman we all imagine a time when we can sleep in, enjoy a big cup of coffee, and maybe watch some morning tv instead of catapulting out of bed and onto the saddle for a long ride. But, then that time comes. And....we struggle to keep out mind and body away from the swim, bike, run. I begain training hard in January/February, raced my first half ironman in March, continued with a race every month, and culminated with the awesome 2x ironman. Of this, I remind myself every morning as I try to stay away from the pool, off the bike, and out of the Brooks runners.
I've attended yoga everyday this week to try to get the body moving and quiet my nagging mind.

Last Friday I did swim and bike. But the ONLY reason I did either was to join our beautiful Bride to Be, Beth for a little bachlorette surprise! It was a bachlorette excursion that only triathletes would find amazingly amusing! And we couldn't have picked a better Bride to play with. What a trouper!
It was a coastal scavenger hunt (well of course we rode our bikes to each location!)

Beth was required to properly request each new present and clue by asking:
"Do you have a gift for me, the most beautiful bride to be."
(sorry for the poor videography! I swear the champagne came later in the ride!)

I even enjoyed our quick climb up Torrey Pines to reach our final clue before turning back. Tired legs, yes indeed.

We ended with a toast. Congratulations to Beth and James! 28 days until their big day...

That short little swim/bike quickly reminded me that my body needed more downtime. I woke up the next morning with random foot and ankle pains and feeling quite under the weather. I quickly returned to the sleep, eat, don't train regimen.

Racing an ironman 4 days before Thanksgiving really is quite nice! I didn't think twice about that yummy dessert (or 2) I inhaled! Thanksgiving was so enjoyable, thanks to an awesome dinner and great company at Julie's

Thankfully the athletic crowd kept the food healthy (as we discussed how ridiculously gross it is that our country takes perfectly healthy foods of turkey, potatoes, yams, and cranberries and shoves it in the deep fryer or loads on the butter and whole milk. Ewwwwwww!) Healhy cooking or not, the food coma was intense. Thankfully the dogs were up to walk a few laps of the neighborhood.

Every morning as I place my feet on the ground, I'm reminded of this 2+ year paronial tendon injury. Immediately after IMAz I couldn't even stand without toppling over like a bobble doll. I was able to run shortly after Kona, but clearly the concrete and sincere effort I put in on that marathon in Az took its toll. I swore I'd get to the bottom of it after Ironman(s), and now that time has come. I really want to return to the pool, but instead am off to the yoga studio. Seriously, people really just do an hour of yoga every day and are perfectly fulfilled! I guess this week is all about trying to be "normal."