Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's no secret, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

Tis the season! And I love everything about it!!!

This past weekend was the Encinitas Masters Christmas party. We had a blast. I have been a masters whore over the last 4 months. Man we're lucky. Three awesome masters teams in a 10mile radius! It's been fun to change it up a bit, and am enjoying some new swim buddy's (Yes, I do really miss everyone at UCSD, but I'll be back).

Molly and that adorable smile (the wine was good too)

One of my fabulous lane mates, and Coach Hux (who let him out of the house with a kilt on?!?!?! (Sadly the skirt didn't make it into the pic)

In my last post I mentioned my trip to the Del Mar lights with Warren (oh and Theresa and Paul too). How adorable is he! Was he more excited about the lights, or the fact that he was allowed in the driver's seat? Who cares, he's just darn cute!

Nothing else to report. I'm just enjoying everything this time of year brings. Christmas music, Christmas trees, decorating friends homes (since I don't stay here for Christmas), Christmas movies, and various yearly traditions.... underneath it all is the knowledge that it really all serves to remind us of the greatest gift of all. You know the ACTUAL reason for this season...Jesus birthday!

Enjoy the season, and everything that comes with it! Sending lots of Christmas love your way!

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