Thursday, December 3, 2009

Not even 2 weeks

Was this really me less than 2 weeks ago?
Oh ya, I remember how cold that water was! Thankfully XTerra keeps me warm and comfy no matter the conditions! 

Those socks/arm warmers were a genius idea. Thanks Linsey.

Cervelo came through in a big way for me! Sadly we found a crack in the frame when I was in Hawaii. The awesome team at Cervelo made sure a new P3 was ready to turn out a fast bike split in Az, an d for that I am beyond grateful!!

This picture reminded me that my back was really bothering me on the bike. When you're out there racing you must quiet those aches and pains. After a race those go away (any time now!) and you're left with memories of the overall experience.

Looking a bit bloated here.

Oh ya, I remember the pain my quads and feet felt from all that concrete pounding. It certainly wasn't a result of the shoes...LOVE the LAUNCH!!
I had to alter my softer surface course to get around Mr. photographer...

This is what I hope to remember for months to come. This is what will carry me through to my next ironman (Canada...or is that too far away ;), and motivate me to continue down that path of self improvement.

I loved the flowers! Diana even made sure they'd match my race kit. Mwah!

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