Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Staying strong

Before an ironman we all imagine a time when we can sleep in, enjoy a big cup of coffee, and maybe watch some morning tv instead of catapulting out of bed and onto the saddle for a long ride. But, then that time comes. And....we struggle to keep out mind and body away from the swim, bike, run. I begain training hard in January/February, raced my first half ironman in March, continued with a race every month, and culminated with the awesome 2x ironman. Of this, I remind myself every morning as I try to stay away from the pool, off the bike, and out of the Brooks runners.
I've attended yoga everyday this week to try to get the body moving and quiet my nagging mind.

Last Friday I did swim and bike. But the ONLY reason I did either was to join our beautiful Bride to Be, Beth for a little bachlorette surprise! It was a bachlorette excursion that only triathletes would find amazingly amusing! And we couldn't have picked a better Bride to play with. What a trouper!
It was a coastal scavenger hunt (well of course we rode our bikes to each location!)

Beth was required to properly request each new present and clue by asking:
"Do you have a gift for me, the most beautiful bride to be."
(sorry for the poor videography! I swear the champagne came later in the ride!)

I even enjoyed our quick climb up Torrey Pines to reach our final clue before turning back. Tired legs, yes indeed.

We ended with a toast. Congratulations to Beth and James! 28 days until their big day...

That short little swim/bike quickly reminded me that my body needed more downtime. I woke up the next morning with random foot and ankle pains and feeling quite under the weather. I quickly returned to the sleep, eat, don't train regimen.

Racing an ironman 4 days before Thanksgiving really is quite nice! I didn't think twice about that yummy dessert (or 2) I inhaled! Thanksgiving was so enjoyable, thanks to an awesome dinner and great company at Julie's

Thankfully the athletic crowd kept the food healthy (as we discussed how ridiculously gross it is that our country takes perfectly healthy foods of turkey, potatoes, yams, and cranberries and shoves it in the deep fryer or loads on the butter and whole milk. Ewwwwwww!) Healhy cooking or not, the food coma was intense. Thankfully the dogs were up to walk a few laps of the neighborhood.

Every morning as I place my feet on the ground, I'm reminded of this 2+ year paronial tendon injury. Immediately after IMAz I couldn't even stand without toppling over like a bobble doll. I was able to run shortly after Kona, but clearly the concrete and sincere effort I put in on that marathon in Az took its toll. I swore I'd get to the bottom of it after Ironman(s), and now that time has come. I really want to return to the pool, but instead am off to the yoga studio. Seriously, people really just do an hour of yoga every day and are perfectly fulfilled! I guess this week is all about trying to be "normal."


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