Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bermuda Birthdays

The ship has landed. It is beautiful here!!! It is quite nice to be on land again as far as working out goes. The boat's workout room is nice, but I don't get how people do that everyday! If I had to workout in a gym everyday I wouldn't do it. Yuck! I hammered out a great "track" interval run yesterday but I struggled with the treadmill today. I just want to get back to land. Oh and running on a treadmill when the seas are rough is not easy. Luckily we only had a day of rough seas before the beautiful blue waters and blue sky came out to play.

It only took about 20mins of being on land before we walked by the island bike shop. I darted across the street (I think my mom thought I saw my favorite store, but nope it was just a bike shop, and I wanted to know where to swim and where to run). I inquired inside and found a triathlete who lives out here. Looks like I'm all set. Tonight and tomorrow we're going to go out on his boat and get in a 2mile ocean swim. Ahhhhhh, just like that I feel like I'm in love with this place. I like being a tourist, but would hanging with locals is always a ton more fun.

We're off to the beaches to play in the water before I meet up with my islanders for an open water swim. Then we have to go to the Bermuda yaught club. My dad was insistent that we go and have some famous rum drink there.


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Uli said...

Nice, I'm jealous! But running on a tready in rough waters, wow, that makes things interesting. Take some pics, I want to see what a cruise ship gym looks like! :-) Have fun!