Sunday, March 15, 2009

Camps end and back to reality....well kind of

Friday is the last day of the work week. But Sunday is the last day of a training week. Today was about getting in the workouts, putting time in the bank, and completing the training week. My workouts today seem like a blur. I shut off my mind and made my way through a good long run. I was at the ranch run early to get in a few extra miles before the group started. Ran the loop at a very slow steady pace.

Here's Lyndsey and I after the run. Yup, the pink compression socks felt like a must this morning!

As is often the case I really didn't want to swim after my run. I could feel the inflammation in my legs, and knew to do nothing would be a mistake. So I floated. 3000yds of being pulled from one end of the pool to the other by the leaders of the lane. Finally they believed me when I said "I am exhausted and am fine at the back of the lane." I looked up at coach Hux and commented that the pool was pretty cold. He kindly reminded me that if I was exerting any effort I'd warm up. Yardage in and done. Now, time for food. Quick nap on the couch while watching bball, and awake to watch the NCAA selection.
Yes...UofM is in- for the first time since my freshman year. Finally! I'm tired, but I still have one more run to get in before I can call the week complete. I tried to think of the fact that so many wish they could go for a run and take in this scenery...
This morning I was 4 minutes short of my planned 2 hours. So anal me had to add on a solid 4 minutes to this second run. More time to take in the beautiful Pacific! And now- the week of training is complete.

Only one more thing to do to complete the day and week: a ridiculously cold ice bath!It was a successful and jam packed week of valuable training. I enjoyed the ability to remove myself from this not so positive world and enjoy and quick escape from the stress! Tomorrow is a new week, with new challenges...Make it a great day!


beth said...

bummed i missed the ranch this morning. your training camp sounds awesome. btw- i have spring break the first two weeks in down to participate in MY training camp? let me chase you a little!!!

Caroline said...

Cali is the first week of april. and after I might be a bit tired...but would love to get in some training with you!!