Saturday, June 6, 2009

Keeping promises...

Today I stuck to the promise I made for myself about a month ago. After racing at Big Rock and struggling to push a pace or power over what I do for a half ironman I promised that I would "taper" for a day before my next short race. Training day or not, when you put the number on we all want to be able to race. I'm still exhausted from a great week of awesome training, but today I did NOT ride long. I got in a few longer rides during the week and this morning kept it short and sweet. A pool workout and a short run and that was it. As I drove to the pool I was bummed that I didn't have a longer workout plan. I'd be home by 10am. That's crazy! But once the workout began I realized how tired I was. If today were a race I might have sunk to the bottom of the lake, never to be found. The run was short and sweet too. This meant I actually had time to run errands, hang out with friends, clean my apartment, and watch the Red Wings take another win (one more and we're Stanley Cup Champs again!). Wow, usually I ride/run and then eat and sleep.
Tomorrow I'll be up at an insane hour. I'm talking Ironman race day insanity! I have to be on the road before 5am. Yikes! But I'm really excited and happy that I will be able to race tomorrow. It's a fun olympic race up in San Dimas (north of L.A. I think...never been, but hear great things. I'll report to you tomorrow. Just hope the car GPS finds the way to the lake).

Hopefully my promise to rest for 2 days before the race (crazy how 2 hrs of working out for us is 'taking it easy') is coupled with my promise to go as hard and as fast as I can for a few short hours. I need all the speed work I can get, and there's no better workout than racing. Should be fun... but until then it's off to get a few hours of sleep.

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