Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Signs of Summer

Could it be?!?!?! For Real? Summer? Warmth? Sun? June Gloom gone until next year? Probably wishful thinking, but it was sunny all day and finally made it into the mid 70's. The weather was a huge plus for the day. The traffic on the other hand...VERY frustrating.
For those lucky to live in Del Mar the start of summer is marked by the Del Mar Fair. It somewhat reminds me of my summer days in Ann Arbor, MI. I dislike the fair for the same reasons I despised the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Every street is closed and jam packed with art and millions of people. Just like the Ann Arbor Art fair, the Del Mar Fair means ridiculous traffic! You can't move anywhere around the event. Bummer is, I live one freeway exit south of the fair. Instead of it taking me 5 seconds to get to the freeway today, it took 10minutes. Driving anywhere was a pain. Grrrrr, I don't like the Fair...but I sure do love summer in San Diego!

I usually don't worry too much about racing in the heat. I'll take heat over cold any day! However I am a bit concerned that Lubbock has registered temps above 95 degrees, while here in SD it seems like we've registered few 70degree days.
So while the sun was shinning I opted to act like I was back in the Ann Arbor summer days. Back then my sport of choice was lightweight rowing. And that meant fun sweat runs. One way to increase the body temp while running is to dress for winter. So, in an effort to adapt to warmer temps I suited up for my mid-day run. The running tights and warm fleece lined long-sleeve provided plenty of extra warmth. People stared at me with sincere concern. They wondered if I didn't get this morning's memo letting everyone know the sun would be out all day.

Ok, the hood might be a bit much ;)

Last on the agenda: Tuesday date night with Molly. Yoga at Sculpt Fusion presented another opportunity for heat adaptation. That room was smoking hot. Electrolytes and fluids stat!

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