Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to my roots

Yesterday I took a break from the swim, bike, run. My brother is racing the transpac regatta. It is a sailing race from Long Beach to Honolulu. I rarely get to see him race, so I took advantage of the opportunity and went up to O.C. for the weekend. After an awesome swim workout at masters I didn't feel like riding. So instead of going out solo in the July 4th traffic I drove up to Newport Beach to ride with Brandy. We had a blast on the road! Then it was off to Long Beach to meet up with my brother.
It was fun to meet some of the guys my brother has been sailing with over the years. He is the navigator on a boat called Holua, out of Marina Del Ray. It will take the larger boats approximately 8-10 days to make it to Hawaii. Matthew gave us a quick tour of Holua, and the crew was sent on their way.

Meanwhile, one of the wives of a crew member of Holua arranged for me to join her on a cruise out to the start. I invited Brandy to join me, but didn't realize she had only been on a boat once in her life (and has never been on a sail boat). I guess I take it for granted that growing up I spent almost every weekend sailing on the great lakes of MI.
The boat we went out on was not your typical sail boat! First of all, the 56ft yacht docks right outside the owners house. Snazy! You know when you can park your 56ft yacht at your house that you're doing ok in life. Oh, how I miss the sailing world and the generosity that goes with it. We got on board and made the beautiful 1hr cruise up the Cali coast towards the start.

The race would start and all the boats had to stay north around Catalina. From their each would choose it's own path to Honolulu (predicting the winds and choosing the best route will be Matthew's job!). 2 minutes to start.

Holua was pushed over the line early. After turning back to recross the start they quickly positioned themselves on port and were back in the pack.

We followed Holua (pictured above) for a while, and cheered them on. Matthew did you hear us? haha! The race boats were keeled over, and off to the races. 9 days of that! Realizing they'd be sleeping in small bunks sure makes me appreciate my comfy bed!
We watched the boats sail towards Catalina, and then put our own sails up and took a cruise around the Pacific. Man I miss boating!!! (however this boat was nothing like what I'm use to. Instead of trimming the main with your muscles, you simply push a button and the sails go up, down, in and out). I was in paradise! and Brandy enjoyed her first ride on a sailboat (for not having "sea legs" she did very well moving around the boat!). I think I might need to walk the docks of the San Diego yacht club and get out on the water more often!

Matthew will be updating their progress on his blog. http://sailvolvooceanrace.blogspot./ But thus far things look good!

Every once in a while a break from the swim, bike, run is quite nice! I needed it!!!

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