Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Livin' On Vacation!

I can not believe that in just 6 weeks I will be celebrating my San Diego anniversary. It is crazy to think that in just a few weeks I will have lived in San Diego for SIX years! WOW! I still remember the cross-country trek like it was yesterday. My car was loaded to the gills. A friend was going to make the drive with me, but I had to decline his company because all I was taking was what would fit in my car....and it was already riding low...VERY low! 2.5 days later I was here (that has to be record time for a solo driver making the MI to SD trip!).

Ok I'll get to the whole anniversary celebration when it gets here. But today I was reminded of the moto I quickly developed after arriving in San Diego. When my family and Michigan friends called to ask how I was doing, I'd say: "Great, I live on vacation." (then law school started and my vacation quickly ended). But, seriously, people dream of being able to visit San Diego for a quick vacation. I live here. It's like a constant vacation (haha, not really...but today I wanted to think so, for just an hour).

I was able to swim at the noon workout. We call it: "club med," because the sun is shinning, the chics are wearing their 2 piece bathing suits to minimize tan lines, and well...we're swimming at noon and not in an office (if only the pool was my office! Right?!?!). For this hour, life has to be good, Right? I mean I get to swim at noon with some of the best triathletes in the world ;) When Kate is there as my lane mate she always keeps it interesting. Here we are sporting our favorite goggles/caps...from Australia of course! Vegemite, no thank you! Engine goggles, sold!

And when I asked Mac how long until Lake Placid, this is the face he gave. Competition beware!

The week leading up to a race I try to swim almost everyday. I believe much of swimming is about feel. So instead of 3 full workouts, I do 5 shorter swims. I jumped in for a quick easy swim. Good thing, because I wasn't feeling too peppy!

Later in the day I got to meet my friend Maggie for some much needed girl catch up time. Why not meet in beautiful La Jolla, and enjoy the spectacular view. After all, we live on vacation!

Is that a shopping bag I see? Not possible! I gave that addiction up long ago ;)

Every minute I get to spend with Maggie makes me a better person. Few things in life are better than that kind of friendship!!!


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jameson said...

i feel the same way about living here... i'm never leaving!

see you this weekend and good luck!