Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bye Bye Baby

Packing for races is never fun for me. In case you didn't read my blog leading up to BS70.3, let me quickly fill you in. I HATE packing my bike into a box! My baby hates it, I hate it...together we don't make a happy couple during this time!
AHHHHH, no worries today though. TriBike Transport to the rescue! I walked into nytro with my bike, a fully packed transition bag, and a wheel bag. I'll be able to fly to San Fran with one carry on, and TriBike will take the rest. Love it!
Thankfully the Nytro guys know me well enough and knew they should give the bike a once over. Sure enough there were issues. Thankfully they never gave me reason to become concerned and took care of them chop chop. After a few minutes in the bike doctors office he was race ready.

I am sincerely thinking that next year I might only travel to races that TriBike services. Another big thanks to Nytro and TriBike Transport for all of your support. Good thing they get plenty of laughs out of me (or should I say "at me") to keep them entertained.

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