Friday, July 10, 2009

Brooks Love

It's time to say goodbye to the old used up shoes and make room for several new pairs! I'm looking forward to getting over this shin "injury" and looking ahead to Kona training. (yes, there is a nice half ironman standing in the way next weekend. But I'm excited to just go to vineman with the goal of having FUN!)
Because of my history of shin issues I am now down to only running about 200miles on e/ pair of shoes. I use to run 400 miles on shoes before tossing 'em. Last year I'd allow e/ pair to accompany me for about 300miles of training. Now I'm struggling to hang on to a shoe through 250miles. Stupid shins! That means I go through shoes way too quick. Thankfully I can drop "old" shoes (that look only slightly new) off at a local store to be recycled. Or maybe the good will bin on the corner has room for some slightly used runners. A big thanks to Brooks for keeping me stocked with great shoes. My new plan is to rotate through 4 pairs at once....and pray to the anti-injury gods!
Getting back to running seems far off in the horizon. But after I get through vineman (hopefully) and take a few additional weeks off I'll be ready to deposit more miles in the bank!

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