Sunday, July 19, 2009

Race Report to come. But First...

I really struggle with writing a race report when I can't stop thinking about how one athletes race was abruptly stopped. Accidents happen at races way too often. But it is never easy to see! When I got to mile ten of the Vineman bike course we were greeted by flashing emergency vehicle lights. Not good! We were asked to come to a stop because a HUGE tree had fallen into the road. We had to get off our bike and go under and over the big limbs to get by.
Once I was half way under the tree branch I saw a mangled bike that was stuck under the tree. I couldn't allow myself to look at the cyclist (I guess 3 were severely injured), but it was not good. I just hate hearing these stories, and seeing them is even worse. To have a huge tree fall onto the road during a race...what are the chances in that.
Please say your prayers for this man. I worried the crash could have been fatal, but thankfully it was not. I just found a short news article:
It could have been any of us. God, keep all those who suffered injury in your healing hands!

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