Friday, July 31, 2009


The countdown is now at 3 days. I feel like I need to get so many things done before the ciaos of Ironman training begins. One of my "must do's" was to get out to see my best friend in Az. We use to see each other almost every other month. This makes it depressing and shocking that we've gone over a year without a visit. Unacceptable!
If you've ever made the drive out the 8W to Phoenix you know the drive is boring boring boring!
You get over the mountain range (at which point I wished I was biking because I was driving by some of my favorite east county riding routes!) and then there is NOTHING for hours. Seriously, this is as good as it gets:

Usually I dread the drive. But after picking up a John Grisham novel on CD, and making a few random cd's of mucic (my iPod is on the fritz) I was ready for a therapeutic drive. When taking a road trip I'd always prefer to drive rather than be a passenger. Way more relaxing and time goes by much faster! I made it through 1/2 of the book and enjoyed a few jam sessions! When Kings of Leon, "your sex is on fire" came over the speakers I broke out into a full on sing and dance episode. The truck drivers got a kick out of it as I flew by.
I couldn't resist making at stop in Dateland to check out the "world famous date shakes." Weird, right?!?! Problem is they move VERY slowly in Dateland (aka B-F-E!) and I wasn't patient enough to wait.

But I was ecstatic to see this sign. Dang us SoCal peeps pay way more than others for petroleum! $2.39...Sold!

By the time I got to Az I was like a 5 year old waiting for Santa. I blazed down Diana's street blaring the music and honking repeatedly. I don't think I've been to Az since Diana's wedding...

Now, off to ASU for masters swim practice. (I packed my running shoes, and might sneak in a very short run later. I know I said no running, but I need to rebuild into running slowly. So a short 20-30min run might be a good idea).

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beth said...

have fun in AZ! friend therapy is the BEST kind! i hope you didn't pack the bike :)if so, you're cheating!
see you when you get back..