Friday, July 17, 2009

Safe Landing in San Francisco

I have to admit that with all the plane issue lately I was a bit nervous to fly. I always am, but even more so this time. On the way to the airport I got an automated call that my flight would be delayed. My friend, Rachel was keen with hanging out in Little Italy with me for a bit while I passed the time. Little Italy is a small quaint area of San Diego with awesome Italian food, served by real Italians.

Sadly, I wasn't hungry, nor up for Italian wine. Rachel quickly informed me that a new FroYo place opened down the street. The kind where you serve yourself. As in, you get your own samples, pour the yogurt, and apply your toppings. TeHe...samples! I want one of each...we did after all have time to kill. After sampling each flavor (there were like 12) I practically already had a decent serving of FroYo. Rachel stood back, observing and laughing at me. I was like a kid in a candy store, that just couldn't resist. Seriously, I should not be turned loose in this kind of establishment!

We still had time to kill, so from there it was off to our favorite law school coffee shop, It's A Grind. Recent news stories have been swirling about the owner of the shop. The man that served us our daily caffeine (oh wait, I meant HOURLY!) drip he has been linked to several crimes. Bad ones! We wondered if the shop had re-opened, but arrived to this:

No comment. Just closed. It infuriates me that I supported a man who was capable of hanius criminal acts! And all there is to say for himself is "closed."

Ok moving on to happier thoughts. The flight to San Fran eventually took off and landed safely. I have been all over the city this morning, and LOVE IT HERE! This is without a doubt the greatest big city of all! My brother's place is in a kick ass location. One block from Chestnut (where all the restaurants and bars are) and 4 blocks from St. Francis Yauct Club and the water.
This morning I woke up and found my new favorite coffee shop. Thanks to a friend of my brothers who is also in town and staying at his place, I was able to find my new favorite coffee shop this morning. Seriously, if you're ever in San Fran check out Coffee Roastery. They even have healthy bake goods, and oat cakes like the one's sold in Honolulu Starbucks! I was the only person in line who wasn't greeted by name by the owner upon ordering. I can guarantee that if I was a local, I'd be in there daily!

I tried to hang on to the warm coffee feelings as I mentally prepared for a swim in the San Fran Bay. My wetsuit is with my bike, so first I had to scrounge through my brothers gear and find his. The great thing about the fact that he too does triathlon is that I found myself a wetsuit, and body glide! Yes, I was able to fit into my brothers wetsuit. It was a tad big, but not too bad. Maybe I need to get myself on a diet :(
I threw on my bathing suit and a fleece jacket. PS- San Francisco is NOT warm in the mornings! As I walked towards the water I began thinking: it is perfectly normal to walk around with a bathing suit and no pants on in San Diego, but not sure about San Francisco. This was confirmed when I heard a little boy yell to his mother "Mom Mom, look that girl has not pants on." Clearly I've become a custom to the warm beachy lifestyle.

I looked across towards Alcatraz Island, and thought about how I want to do Escape From Alcatraz next year. Heck my brother lives .25mi from the finish. Then I entered the water. My face and head frooze. And I was only in 5ft of water....maybe Alcatraz doesn't sound so appealing after all. I'll just look at it from inside Aquatics Bay.

I stayed within the line of buoy's and practiced a few pick-ups and pacing. Hard to the first buoy, moderate to the second, over and over. After 5 minutes of this I warmed up some and thoughts of Alcatraz re-entered my mind.

After the swim it was time to return to Chestnut to eat again. I met up with a few friends who were about to drive through San Fran on their way to the race. We met for lunch, and I gladly took another tour of the city. Vineman will be Kevin's first half ironman. I can't wait to see him kick butt on Sunday!!

Although my brother call San Francisco his "home," he is rarely here. I've decided that I love the city and need to get back here more often, brother present or not. Thankfully he'll fly in from Hawaii (they safely completed the sailing race to Honolulu) and I'll be able to fit in a little more sibling time later in the weekend....oh and a half ironman too ;)


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