Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I never thought I could make it through two weeks without my running shoes and bike. I was honest with myself by allowing myself to attend masters swim practice during this hiatus. Here were the rules I set for my mandatory 2 week triathlon vacation:
1) No running
2) No biking
3) No more than one hour of working out each day
4) No super early morning workouts
5) Each workout must include an alternative perk

I have succeeded well beyond my anticipated expectations!
1) My running shoes haven't even made it to the door. Finally after all this time away from running I can finally walk when I wake up instead of wincing in pain from the swelling that takes place in my tendons as I sleep. I miss my Brooks, but the break was necessary to ensure I don't abandon them again until October 18th.

2) I cheated once. Not too bad considering I was on a "training camp" weekend get away in Mammoth last weekend. The altitude sickness assisted in me only violating this rule once. Too bad the ride included a massive climb with limited oxygen. Still, I'm proud of myself.
3) Does yoga count as a workout. If so, I have two violations to my score card. Otherwise my only violation is the bike ride. But I already counted that violation under #2, so why count that twice.

4) No problem here!

5) It's July in San Diego, so it isn't hard to enjoy our climate by getting out in the elements to "workout."
Another perk...if all I do in a day is attend one swim workout, I can actually swim halfway decent! This week I feel like my stroke has lengthened, I actually kick, and suddenly sets that include base -5 intervals aren't nearly as dreadful.

Taking a break from formal training isn't easy. However, with time I hope these nagging injuries escape my legs and passion and drive will refill them! I love this sport! Passion is what energizes me on the long ironman training days and weeks. I already know my love for training is coming back. Last night I couldn't fall asleep before sending an email to my favorite training buddy's asking if anyone was interested in a ride to palm springs and back in a few weeks. Ahhhhh, those are the days when passion for the sport is a necessity.



jameson said...

good job... it's always tough to take a break but it will pay off. just remember how good your body feels now and what some extra rest can do you for you.

Charisa said...

It's always good to break - you will be all fired up for kona training :)