Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NYC Baby

I hate red eye flights! I can’t sleep on an airplane. But in order to spend my mom’s actual bday in NYC it was worth it. It was like pulling an all nighter! I arrived at 6am, and would hang out at the airport for 2 hours waiting for my mom to get in from MI. She walked around the corner, and it was time to celebrate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!

And celebrate we did. We didn’t stop all day. From the airport to the hotel, drop our bags, off to Broadway. We waited in lines for tickets, and entered lottery’s for others. After a few hours we had tickets for God of Carnage and Next To Normal. Time for a quick breakfast (I was starving! And would need much caffeine to get through the day) we were off to show #1.

Next it was off to 5th Ave. and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Then we were so lucky to meet up with a wonderful family friend of ours. A quick phone call and 5mins later she was there to enjoy the day with us! It is always awesome to see one of the ROCG kids. (long story short- in the neighborhood I grew up in a group of mom’s use to get together and do crafts. Although most family’s have moved from that neighborhood they still get together every month. They’re my 2nd family really. Oh the mom’s adopted the name Rolling Oaks Craft Group. Although us kids swear they never did a single craft and just loved to gossip about us!)

From there it was off to dinner and show #2: Next to Normal. Great entertainment, but after the Gregory Girls were done! With little sleep I wasn’t sure how I got through the day. My mom was up at 4am, and stayed out until 10:30 (yes, that’s quite late for her. Oh wait, that’s late for me too.) We packed as much into her birthday as we possibly could. No “training” today, but I was beyond exhausted. I swore we walked a million miles today. Here’s the pictures to prove it:

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