Thursday, May 14, 2009

Old Thoughts Renewed...

So the day after blogging about my masters "swim practice thoughts," they returned. No, not thoughts of swimming fast, or loving my coaches/fellow masters groupies (like I said before- that's a constant). Nope, the thoughts of exhaustion and hunger.
This morning Coach kicked our butts on the track. I knew this workout was coming, and to prepare I kicked my own butt in the days leading up to it: Mile repeats at track on tuesday, strong swim and longish ride w/ intervals Wed, and then wake up and hammer it out on the trails this morning.
My alarm went off, and I wasn't ready. I usually have a bit of a jump out of bed when its time to wake up for track workouts.
If anyone wanted to guess what workout I was about to do they could just watch the speed at which I wake up. Swim...VERY slow, Bike...medium reaction time to the alarm with maybe 1 snooze, Run...I'm up and rearing to go (ok well as rearing to go as one might be at 5 a.m.) I think it just has to do with the amount of preparation e/ sport takes. Swimming, roll me into the pool and I'll wake up and be ready. However biking and running requires a bit more fuel, coffee, and alertness for me.

The workout called for over 60mins of interval work. My legs and body was tired going into it, so I stayed in bed an extra 10mins. Less time for warm-up meant less time to talk myself out of the workout. Half way through I thought I'd have to call it quits. But this is where the joys of my training partners comes in! Terry took the lead for the next interval and I just tried to hang. Just like that I was over the hump and knew I wasn't going anywhere. 9-10 mile "track" workouts (our track today was the trails), gotta love 'em!

I tried to refuel and reenergize before getting back to campus for swim practice. But my walk onto the pool deck was slow! I gradually made my way to the 1:30 lane (which is where I belong when it's long course- but today was short course). Coach looked at me as if to say "that isn't your lane." I reminded her of the pain she put me through a few hours prior.

After only a few thousand yards I had to get myself out of the pool and to Whole Foods. I would have taken a picture of my amazingly large, healthy, and jam packed sandwich....but I downed it a bit too fast.

Happy Training!

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