Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

Wow...is it really May! Already! Big month for me, as that big big big birthday lies ahead. I'm not sure I'm ready to be 28 yet ;)
I was a bad athlete! and today I paid for it. Yesterday I just wasn't up for that 60min run I had on my schedule. So I did something I never do...I moved it to today. My day was already packed with a interval trainer workout (Thanks to Coach Troy Jacobson's spinerval workout), swim and my Tuesday evening date with yoga. Ok...now I had to run too. So I woke up at the butt crack of dawn to get myself onto the trainer. It's been a while since I've been on the trainer, but its great for interval work. The old Cannondale tank got it's turn to be pulled off the bike rack.

Off the bike to get in that run workout that I missed yesterday. Coaches always say if you miss a workout, don't try to make up for it. But I don't have a coach...so time to run the bluffs in Del Mar. The sun was rising, and it was beautiful. I love this 6.5 mile loop! (except for the huge hill going home...)

I was tired, but I'd eventually have to get to the pool. I walked in to the Cinco De Mayo festivities set up by Coach Sickie- chips, salsa and soda (did I just say soda! Ahhhh, I can't lose my midwestern roots. I meant POP ). Terry was out today, so we had a substitute. (Instead she was floating far up in the sky in a hot air baloon to celebrate Billy's 50th bday. Happy Birthday Billy!!) Without Terry on deck I was worried we wouldn't get a traditional tuesday workout, so I opened my mouth. "Coach, is there going to be a lot of fluff in this workout. I just want to swim." I'm not a fan of lots of drills and kicking stuff in the middle of the workout. Beginning or end, ok...but not the middle. Plus, I was tired. I just wanted to get in the yardage and get out.
Well, after the warm-up set he kindly announced that we'd have a special Cinco De Mayo celebration, and I'd be leading the charge. I was put in my own lane. Everyone else would do the workout he had planned, but I'd doing 5 x 500 on base. Would anyone join me? Sadly Kate wasn't there today, this was her kind of set too. Two people thankfully jumped in to join me... and together we celebrated whatever it is this 5th day of May is all about. I guess I got what I asked for. Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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