Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Over the past few months I've been part of a study for a potential new sports drink that Under Armour is thinking about introducing. It involved 4 VO2 tests, along with the other lab tests (weight, body comp, lactate, and blood testing). Going in I knew I wasn't great with high end speed. After 4 tests I learned:
....drum roll please.... I don't have the best high end speed. My VO2 and power output is strong at my threshold, and I can maintain this output with a low heart rate compared to my max. There's a reason I enjoy endurance racing, and have never done a sprint triathlon. It is great to know my actual heart rate zones. If I had a coach I'm sure they'd interpret all this info, force me to throw a crazy expensive power meter on my bike, and properly tailor my training. Oh well, it's good info, and I shall see what I do with it.
First step is to keep the weekly swami's ride in my schedule as long as I can. There's no doubt the ride works on my top end speed while I try to find more comfort (comfort being a relative term) in reaching and holding my heart rate at a ridiculous rate. Sadly, after my week break from working out resulted in a bust for a workout today. I got dropped like a bad habit. Ugh! I thought last week's forced break would really help. It doesn't seem to be helping in the short term, but I'm sure my body is thankful for the break and will be stronger come race day.

On another note, Detroit once again received confirmation that it deserve the nickname of "Hockey Town." You can take a girl out of the midwest, but you can't take the midwest out of the girl! And we sure do love our hockey back there. Tonight the Red Wings clinched the Western Conference Championship. Only 4 wins to go and Lord Stanley will be able to remain in his home: DETROIT. It's a rematch of last years finals. Here's to hoping the result is the same!

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