Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Simply THE Best!

For those triathletes/swimmers reading, what do you think about during those hours spent starting at The black line? For me its usually that I'm either tired or hungry (or both...because that feeling comes all too often, haha). Today I thought about how lucky I am to be a part of THE best masters program! Almost every day I participate in a workout on UCSD's campus. When I first moved to Cali (5 years ago...WOW!) I found my way to UCSD's pool.4 swim workouts every day (that's about how many masters workouts were held on a weekly basis back in MI), an outdoor long course pool (way better than those indoor pools I grew up with), and track workouts that kick my butt. I didn't realize when I walked on this deck that this program would the cornerstone of life here in San Diego. Throughout law school, the bar exam, the stresses of the job search, and the joys of life as an attorney (joys...there is a tad bit of sarcasm there) the workouts and people of this masters program would be the one constant. I got into triathlon for the love of sport, but its the people who I get to train with that makes all the difference.
I mean who wouldn't love waking up and finding their way to the pool deck to see this face:
I've been trying to do more workouts in the faster/fastest lane, and am finally feeling good there. Those kiddo's in lane 1 are fast, fast, fast. But I'm hanging on and continuing with my effort to try harder at the pool. And I'm finally feeling like it might actually transition to a faster swim come race day. Here's to another awesome workout this morning, and many more to come!

Make it a great day!

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Shan said...

This post reminds me that I am SO GOING TO MISS the UCSD Masters Program...I checked out the pools at Cal and they suck in comparison (tiny!!)...can you believe their masters swim workouts are only an HOUR long?!?! :(

Every day that I get closer to moving up north, I realize that sooner or later I'll be moving back down here :)