Monday, May 25, 2009

Back to Reality

Birthdays over...but it sure did come and go with a bang! I can't think of a better way to have celebrated! The idea for my mom and I to spend our birthdays together came about back in 2001 when I was rowing for the NCAA championships in Atlanta. Our team was put up in an awesome resort/spa, and it was also the wknd of my birthday (man I was a young pup back then). My mom thought it would be fun to go to different spas each year on the wknd btwn our bdays. Her's is may 16, and mine may 24. The following year we went to a resort in Florida, and then after that she came to San Diego. Last year my quest for Kona required me to race Honu 70.3 instead of celebrating our tradition. This year the easy choice was spending the time with the greatest woman on earth!
I was able to get in a few solid running sessions on the treadmills. Yuck! My mom was awake and in the gym by 6 every morning! She put me to shame!! And the boat also had spinning classes. However I got in trouble for not listening to instructions, and not wanting to get off the bike when the class was over (but seriously he had everyone stretch for 20mins. Since we weren't allowed on the spin bikes outside of the classes I found it perfectly fine to ignore the instructor when he said to pedal easy or get off the bike to stretch).
So here are a few pics from our celebration of her Birthday in NYC before setting sail to Bermuda.

And here we are sailing away from the city. Bermuda here we come!

Once we got to the island we were in paradise. Here are just a few of our amazing memories from the week...

After a week of awesome meals I think it might be time to quit eating for a month!

Sadly, we eventually had to set sail and leave the beautiful island. We had a great time there, and I must say that the Bermuda community is awesome. Every local we met (including the school kids that ride public transportation to and from school. crazy!!) was extremely welcoming! They could get really annoyed with tourists taking over their home, but instead they love sharing this beauty with others. As we left the island I couldn't help but think how lucky I am! Every mother/daughter should take time out for each other. We're lucky to have our birthdays close enough to make it into a bday tradition. The memories from this week will last a lifetime!
And guess what. Traveling for a vacation that doesn't involve a triathlon is quite fun! However, I would love to return to Bermuda for their yearly triathlon. HaHa.

Now it's back to reality. The plan: work, train, and starve myself! This morning started with a 6,000yd swim workout, and dusting off the bike. I missed my baby ;)

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