Sunday, May 10, 2009

Train Hard, Race Hard...2nd Female, 7th Human

This week resulted in tough training and tired legs! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday included an awesome interval bike to 60min run brick workout, long swami's ride (few workouts kill me like that ride!), and a return to track for a great 10mile tempo run intervals on Thursday.

When I am racing simply for training I find it almost impossible to give up a day of hard training to allow my body to rest for the race. Isn't it the triathlon way to enjoy being tired and well trained?!?!?! I don't know many triathletes that find tapering easy. I am no different. Tapering is not my specialty, and this is especially true for shorter "C-" races. But after a tough week it was time to elevate the intensity for a local olympic distance race. But before I can get to race day I have to report on the amazing end of the week festivities.....

As you've maybe read in prior postings I am a HUGE Red Wings hockey fan. It's round 2 of the playoffs, and the Wings are playing Anaheim's Ducks. That means 3 of the games would be played right up the freeway from me. Thursday I got a call that tickets had been scored, and I had to get ready ASAP for the game. I was sure Matt was joking, but he promised he wasn't (we both agreed that would be a cruel joke). I started resting my vocal cords as I knew I had to represent Detroit (a.k.a. Hockey Town). The Wings won 6-3, making for an awesome night! Wings fans took over the hockey arena, and it hardly felt like we were the away team. (although I knew I was in SoCal when half naked girls came onto the ice at every commercial break to "clean" the ice. I've never seen so much ice cleaning at a hockey game. Meanwhile the dudes in the arena wished for more. haha)

So, back to the "race" report. Saturday morning I headed to Lake Perris. It was a low key fun race, and a great morning for some hard efforts. Had I not been racing it would have been very tough to wake up and train hard. I was tired, but the idea of racing brought about that 'race day energy.' Before the swim I spotted Sergio and Christina at the race. I didn't put a whole lot of thought or planning (actually had to pack for the race in about 25mins because of the surprise red wings plans...see above :) ), so I didn't know who would be racing. It was great to see them out there ready to rock n' roll! When the horn went off I found Christina to be right there on my left side. Soon after I grabbed her feet with hopes of hanging on. Sadly I didn't have a rope with me, therefore making it tough to cling to her feet and hang on. There was one guy out with us, so I decided to practice drafting and attach myself to his feet. By buoy 2 I thought I could go harder so made the pass and swam the final 3/4's of the swim alone. My shoulders and legs were burning (on the swim...not good), but I told them to shut up and go!

By mile 2 on the bike my legs were unresponsive, but I kept demanding more. Ouch!!! I was feeling my killer training from the week. As the bike went on my legs started to loosen a little, and I hoped for a strong run. My confidence has taken a blow since my absence from running last month. I really want to get back to the running shape I was in last year!

Christina Jackson and I came out of the swim in first/second, respectfully. We remained there throughout the bike, and into the run. I was thankful for her being there. I realized the next female was over 5 minutes behind me and I was running away from her. Had Christina not been racing hard ahead of me I think I would have shut it down on the run. And seeing as though the point of the race was to put forth a hard effort on tired legs, that was not in the plan. I closed a little on the run, but still wasn't clipping along at the pace I hoped for. My tempo efforts on my 10miler on Thurs was faster. So at the run turn around I started playing games. The boys were now girls, and I had to pass them all! I took one at a time and was able to negative split the run even though the way back involved running into a decent head wind. It was great to race and I had a lot of fun out there.
Racing within a tough training period is a recipe for pain. But it will also make me appreciate how I'll feel when my "A" races come around and I'm rested/tapered.
Here are your Big Rock 1st and 2nd overall females, and 6th and 7th humans.

Next olympic race is June 7, and I think I might taper for 2 or 3 days before it ;) Until then there is a lot of work to do!

Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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