Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bon Voyage

I do love visiting THE City, but I can’t stay long. One exhausting day topped up with an all too common rude waitress and I was ready to depart the city. But I couldn’t leave until I got in my long run. So Sunday morning I awoke to tired legs and feet, but set out for Central Park. It was cold…below 55 I believe. I actually thought it was snowing, but then realized it was small white flowers falling from a tree above. San Diego has made me quite a softie! But it was actually an awesome morning for a run.

I was warned to stay to the outside roads so I didn’t get lost in the park. Lost? It was only a few square miles!

Ok, she was right! But I love getting lost on long runs. Thing is I had a boat to catch, so I tried to stay to the outside roads. But off in the distance I spotted a dirt trail. I never run on concrete, so I was lured to the trail. Within 2 minutes 4 guys went flying by me. Boys....I like chasing the boys. I was off to the races. They kept looking back as if to say “who is this chic that’s latched onto us.” So eventually I said good morning and told them I needed some motivation to keep a decent pace. Ask, and I shall receive. I ran with them for 8miles and had no clue where we were (I thought we were running in one huge circle. Turns out we did a small 2.5mile circle 3.5 times. I swear we never passed the same things twice).
They kept us on the dirt trail, and kept the pace at or below 7:00. Wonderful, but as the nice New Yorkers turned for home I had to ask where I was in the park. West Side. Oh, perfect, only 25mils left on my run so I’ll head south towards the hotel.

The buildings and trees did not look similar. Finally I asked someone what direction I was going. “That way is North.” Seriously? Ok, I’m lost! I ran back into the park and was taken over by about 4,000 walkers doing an AIDS benefit walk. I was scared I’d get lost under the massive trees, and therefore opted to run on the outside of the park. Back out I went. Just to make sure I was now running south toward Time Square I asked someone. “Time Square is that way right.” “Ahhhhhh, no” and then she pointed the opposite direction. Seriously? My watch said I only had 5 mins left of my run, and soon my mom would start worrying that I tried to find dirt trails and got lost.

Eventually I made it back to the hotel. About 30mins after I had planned to, but at least I got in a long run. 15miles I think the Garmin said. Perfect, now its time for these tired legs to start their vacation. NYC boys, thanks for making my long run a memorable one!

It was time to board the Norwegian Dawn and set sail. Good Bye NYC.

(Lots of great pics to come later. But since I pay a BUTT load for the internet on this cruise those will have to wait....but there will be one of my mom winning a 2kt Topaz necklace. It was a cloudy day, so we went to this lecture on getting around Bermuda, at the end there was a raffle.....hehehehe, I entered my mom like 4 times. AND she Won. It was her bday so I think she deserved more than one chance to win. ;) Happy Birthday Mom!!!)

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