Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I never thought I'd become a fan of yoga. I've discussed my new love yoga since discovering Sculpt Fusion. I wish all athletes had access to this style of yoga! The studio and the instructors there have definitely enhanced my training this year (and recovery!). My week is never the same without a smile from yoga instructor extraordinaire, Claire

Claire has become super involved in the athletic world via her work with active.com. Check out her recent article on "yoga for triathletes." I wish everyone could take in the true yoga experience at one of her classes. But if you don't live in San Diego, at least you can absorb her expertise via her writing:
A big hug and thanks to Sculpt Fusion, Claire, and the other awesome instructors there for helping me survive 2009 with positivity and contentment!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Caroline!! I love having you there and it is really exciting to see how well you did at Kona!!