Friday, October 23, 2009

Movin' on

Who's that on the far right? She looks ready to rumble! Thanks to Glynn and the entire XTerra team!

The past two weeks I've focused on recovery! Massage and a.r.t. from THE best in the biz got me on the fast track for recovery. The quote of the week came from Brian (a.r.t. master mind!). First he worked through the areas that cramped. That hurt BAD! As he moved from the gluts to the legs he said "man, you're legs should feel like WWII after an ironman. Your legs feel like they're 3-4 weeks out from an ironman." He confirmed what I already knew: I didn't run fast enough to totally trash my legs. Good news for the immediate future.
It's now time to move beyond short easy recovery style "workouts" (if you can even call them that), get back on schedule and waking up before 8am, and stop eating excess amounts of sugar and unhealthy treats that are not part of my normal diet.
I will use the excitement from Hawaii to motivate this final push for the 2009 season. Here are the final images from Kona. Man it seems like it was months ago!

Next time I get in this torturous washing machine I will prevail! I'm swimming really well and refuse to accept that my swim times don't confirm this!

Here I am happy to be heading towards Hawi!

Battling the head winds! Lesson learned: stay relaxed (my face doesn't look too relaxed!), and keep the cadence up.

Happy heading out Ali'i Drive. My exit from T2 would of made for a great Brooks ad. I was so happy to be in my comfy Launch shoes!

How nice of the photographers to take all the run photo's in the first 8 miles. I promise I didn't look this "good" thereafter.

I need to come up with a better finish pose! Suggestions? At least I'm smiling...

The book is officially closed on Kona 2009!

There is more fun to be had...Stay tuned. Cheers!

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