Friday, October 16, 2009

Post Ironman

A few last race pics...I love these because they show the spirit of athlete and race supporter! Just before taking this pic the cramps began. I was feeling pretty down in the dumps, but refusing to start walking. Matthew was determined to take out anyone who stood in his way of offering me encouragement. I can't say thank you enough to him! Pre-race, race day, and post-race would not have been the same without him! THANKS BRO!!! When and where is your next ironman! I've got a tough act to follow, but I'll be there!

The week after an Ironman is always strange. It seems to be a race for which will recover faster: the body or the mind. After my first I felt battered, bruised and broken (literally, because of crashing on the bike and fracturing my ribs). After my second I suffered from major PID-post ironman depression! I was about to start studying for the bar exam and thought I'd never get to workout again. Last year after Hawaii I was in a total daze- I had just lived my dream and was on cloud 9. This year I feel, well...strange. People ask how it went and I feel like they want to know if I'm happy with my time. Fact is I'm happy I finished. I've read so many of the pro's blogs and 99% of people have the same recap: awful cramps on the run which led to the run/walk/shuffle. I don't know how to really answer the "happy?" question. I feel like I want to preface my response with "well I wish I ran faster," but instead I just say "Yes, I'm happy! It was an unbelievable experience."
Today after swimming (yes I know, I shouldn't train. but easy swimming is ok, especially considering my eating habits this week!) a girl asked me how the race went. It's obvious by my discussing peeling back that I was just in Hawaii. I simply said "It was brutal, but I fought and I'm very happy with it." She smiled and told me she still dreams of racing there. She said she watched last weekend and was upset and sad to see people not finish. That is exactly the spirit I fought for while I was out there!!! I gave her a hug, looked her in the eyes and told her she too could get there (She's been close to qualifying before). It's been years since her last ironman, but before we left the locker room she was inspired to sign up for one next year and try her luck at Kona. Now that's the spirit! I LOVE IT!

Here are some final post-ironman pics (black sand beach and volcano)


Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Awesome race report. I admire your talent and hard work. Beyond that thanks for sharing your love of sport with the rest of us.

Charisa said...

Love the picture of your brother running behind you! So so so cool he got to come to Kona with you and experience it all!!!