Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wow! Another Ironman is here!

Usually after an ironman I allow myself to get out of shape, before gearing up for the next opportunity to tackle the daunting distance. Not this time! 6 weeks turnaround and I'm back on site for another ironman. Yesterday I hit up Sculpt Fusion for a quick yoga class before hitting the road. The drive left me stiff and sore, so I went straight to ASU to the warm-up set at masters. Then it was finally off to see my bestest friend (who is preggers!!!). I kept asking the little dude to kick and say hello, and finally he woke up to give a little kick to aunt Caroline (if I wait on my only sibling I may never be an aunt!). I love that Diana and I are only one state apart! I use to come out at least three times a year, but it seems to have decreased over time. Thanks to IMAz I'm back again =)

This morning I got in a lap of the ironman bike course and a quick run along the swim course. Last time I did this race I had a horrendously bad swim. Sunday I will accept nothing but my best. No cramps, no punches thrown my way (bc this time I will fire back!) and no excuses. I'm capable of more!!! Sadly I forgot the camera on my ride...but I promise, you're not missing much. A few cacti and lots of brown dirt/gravel. It was a quick reminder that I wasn't in Kansas...I mean Kona, anymore. But I am HERE...and I want to be HERE! I can't wait to make the best of this race and shock myself with the race I know I'm capable of!
At this point it's all about preparing the mind! 3 Sleeps!


jameson said...

Good Luck out there. no regrets and just race hard... and then come and relax... it's about time!

Mary said...

Good luck girl! I'll be cheering/tracking you from your most hated state :) You are going to do amazing. Put it all out there. Hugs!

Christi said...

Good Luck! I hope you have a fabulous race!