Thursday, October 8, 2009

Aloha and MAHALO!

Ahhhhh, yes! I have returned to the lava fields! I arrived in Kona on Monday and have been enjoying every minute since! I feel surprisingly calm, and relaxed. It's amazing the difference between tackling this course for the first and second time. Instead of being scared about the unpredictable winds, I expect it! Instead of wondering whether the sun will bake me and take away every drop of fluid I take in, I expect it! Anything better will be considered a gift from the island gods!
I've fit in a few good training sessions. It's quite motivating to be out on the road training and spot not one, but 8 of the best triathletes in the world. Tuesdays ride featured: Mirinda Carfrae, Belinda Granger, McCormick, Amanda Lavato, Linsey Corbin, Normann Stadler, fellow UM alum Andy Potts, and one of my favorite pro's: Brad Send ;) The best part about racing here is to be amongst such amazing athletes.

By far my favorite training sessions have been those spent out in the Pacific. My brother arrived on Tuesday and has been up for any and all swimming and run sessions (he's out biking the Queen K while I blog and rest today).

Wednesday's swim included a stop at the coffee stand in the middle of the swim course, a turtle spotting, and swimming over a large white tip reef shark. Actually the shark sighting caused an interesting response from me. Matthew pointed towards the shark, while I looked up and said "well ya, but it isn't real!" It just came out. I couldn't believe there was a 10foot real shark swimming under me. Thankfully he wanted nothing to do with the hundreds of triathletes swimming 30 feet above him.

If there was a coffee stand in the middle of the ocean back in San Diego I'd be up for ocean swimming way more often!

And then there is the famous underpants run! I laughed non-stop the whole time. Roch, and Paul never seize to amaze me with their endless humor!
Matthew getting ready for his first run down Ali'i

Duke, where are your undies?

I can't wait to race with Charisa again! We're ready to shred!!!

I also had a blast visiting some of the companies that have supported me this season. They each add great motivation and enjoyment to my training and racing! I am so undeserving, and so so thankful for everything they've done to help my season along....and to get me back to Kona! It was great to see Marc from Tribike Transport! There was an interesting and promising meeting with Chris from Cervelo (more on that later), and I got in a few laughs with the Gu guys.

I now know why people that live here have a ridiculous number of bathing suits. I thought I had a lot, but if you live here you clothing is simply optional! It is ridiculously hot here this year. It seems much warmer than last year, although the humidity and heat are all part of the experience here. Bring it! =)
All that's left to do is rest, smile, and enjoy every moment between now and 7am on Sat. After that life only gets better! Oh how I can't wait to bike through Hawi and run through the Energy Lab!

Deepest Mahalo for reading and for your support!!!

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Kim said...

Good Luck! I think we met at Buffalo Springs Lake in the transition area after the race! So glad to see you in Kona and ready to race! I hope it goes well! I'll be watching you Charisa and everyone else out there all day Saturday!! You can do it!!