Thursday, March 19, 2009

With an OPEN MIND comes an OPEN BODY!

If you read a previous posting you'll know that I was quite anti-yoga as of 3 months ago. Then I walked into the perfect studio for me! Today I was reminded of how lucky I am to have found Sculpt Fusion, and to have them as part of my triathlon support team.
I woke up for a good tempo workout with the gang at UCSD. After getting a.r.t. last night I thought the cramping in my calf would be gone. NOPE! It killed. Brian Kildow is a miricle worker. I have no doubt this will go away...but as of 5:30 this morning it was still there. I know the next thing to happen will be a fracture, so after running 45mins in the grass I drove home as quick as I could for an ice massage. It wasn't worth finishing the workout. I'd be lying however if I said I wasn't really mad about not finishing a workout! I was pissed!

An hour later I went to yoga. I was so excited to see the instructor and show her that I practiced, and learned how to do a good yoga style head stand. And didn't have to kick with all my might to get up...control up and down. Yay! (sorry triathlon doesn't always provide instant gratification, yoga can! the first time I found myself upside down I was stoked!).
My calf was ridiculously tight, so I didn't even know if I'd get into that first downward dog pose.
I did, and the next pose, and next and next. My mind was locked into that practice and only what was going on in the room. Not the stresses of yesterday, or what might come later today. Just focused on the moment! And when the moment came for inversions...I hit the head stand with a smile! My flexibility is seeing improvement. I am amazed that even when I only go once a week, the flexibility lasts and carries over through the entire week of workouts.

As I laid there during chivas I remembered what a good friend of mine told me. Lie there, and let the moment be one between you and God...enjoy the calmness that brings! I did. And to myself I thanked God for not letting me give up on yoga! I thanked him for putting friends in my life that would challenge me to keep searching for the right place to practice, and then share in the experience with me! And I thanked him for the great people I've become friends with at the studio. Oh, and...when I stood up I thanked Him for the relaxation that came to my calf. To go from a feeling of rage, disappointment and frustration, to happy, strong, empowered and peaceful, in just one hour is remarkable! I felt about 500% better than I did after mind, body and spirit!

I always kept a small part of my mind open to the idea of yoga...and for that my body says Thank You! Yoga will be a big part of my triathlon season. I have no question it will help me physically and mentally. Now I know why my friends stayed on me to keep trying yoga. They experienced this same feeling, and cared enough to seek the same for me! For that, I am extremely thankful!


Shan said...

YES. You've found the connection between what yoga provides for the body and the mind...that is key!

Now you've got headstand down, I've got a few fun inversions I could show you!! :)

Maggie said...

I am so proud of you! So perfectly said. This whole yoga thing really is life changing. It calls you in as a respite from injury or tightness and then it works its true magic when you least expect it. I love that you are seeing the true benefits not only of the physical, but of the unbelievable spiritual lift yoga can give you. Teacher Training is bringing me even deeper into this and I would love to share with you more. Please, please buy or download Darren Main's book Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic. It is amazing! I think you are ready for will be blown away. Namaste my little yogi! (p.s. let me know if I can practice on you sometime! Would love your feedback!)