Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's officially RACE Week!

When it comes to the weekend before a race there are rarely awesome training stories to share. My body typically aches, the pick up during the workouts aren't precise, and every ache/pain feels like a major injury. Thankfully, I've grown accustom to this feeling and when it happens I respond with a silent "thank you." If I felt great it would mean I didn't train right for race day. I need to feel good on race weekend, not the wknd before!
Yesterday's bike run was just ok. I opted to go it alone so I could get in my intervals at my own pace, and be one with my body and mind. Who was I kidding! In one week almost 2,000 athletes will take to the half ironman course that sits only 20miles north of me. Duh, of course the roads would be packed with athletes trying to get in those wonderful race pace efforts. When I was enjoying the 5mins off between the intervals people would go flying by with their disc wheels whistling. I was left to wonder...did I miss the memo? Is the race going on right now? I seriously felt like several guys out there experienced great pride in flying by me as I was enjoying my easy spin between intervals. I just laughed, and stayed within myself.

Perfect timing. With one interval to go I hit a decent climb followed by a good 5 minutes of flat road. I allowed myself to turn on the tunes, and zone out (well to the extent one should while riding amongst traffic). The techno song that came on had one word to it: "Believe." Oh, isn't that the truth! What else is there to do at this point. One week physical training will improve my performance. It comes down to the mental aspect of our comes down to believing in myself and my own goals. Last year I believed in what seemed to be an extreme far reaching dream. Ahhhhh the feeling that comes when a dream becomes reality! My goals, are my own. I just don't care to share them ;) But I have learned once those goals are set it is essential to believe in them with every ounce of mental strength!

I couldn't resist the urge to get in my scheduled run today (even though yesterdays t-run was cut short by one of those awful pre-race aches/pains/injuries). Yesterday my body said no. Today my body said maybe. I have one week to turn the maybe into a yes! And with rest I'll do just that. My family room looks like a rehab center:
Between all these recovery/anti-injury tools and a trip to Brian Kildow (the most amazing a.r.t. practitioner ever!!!) I'll be ready.

For those traveling in for the race, here's a weather and water report: It remains cool in the mornings, but has improved. I do believe race morning will be more pleasant than it was last year. I went for my first ocean swim of the year this morning. It is cold! Your face will freeze, however it isn't as bad as previous years. Water temp is approximately 58. Nothing compared to the Hawaiian waters others are enjoying and blogging about, but high 50's is better than low 50's!!

My race kit is also complete. Once home "Crazy Caroline" decided to try each on to decide which color she'll wear next wknd. Big thanks to 2XU for getting this to me in time! Jayme, you rock! Now it's time to make each of those sponsors proud! I sure am lucky to have their support!!!!!! Without them its simple: I wouldn't be able to race right now. XOXO to Nytro, 2XU, XTerra, Brooks, and TriBike Transport. Race week...guess it's time to BELIEVE!

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