Tuesday, March 24, 2009

THE "To Do" list

ok, so we all have them right. Well as an analy attorney minded person, maybe I should first define the term "to do list." I don't mean that it has to be an actual written down list. Most of us get too busy to spend time memorializing what we have to accomplish in a day. Up at 5:00, and the day is full speed ahead until the head hits the pillow. We do all we can, and rarely have time to think about something long enough for it to make such a list. So a mental list of things you need to get done surfices. But how long do things stay on your "to do list." A week? A month? Does anyone else have things on that list that remain there for over a year??????

PLEASE someone make me feel better about the fact that this week It seems like every time I hit a race taper I start getting other things done that I've neglected. Finally there's an extra 20 or 30mins in my day to breath...and I'm not ridiculously exhausted all day every day! I started checking things off my 'to do list' that have been there for well over a year. File tax documents was one. No I don't mean my 2008 tax docs, I mean 2007! It's unreal. While clearly this large accumulated stack of papers I realized a mental list wasn't going to cut it.
So I sat down with a pen and paper last night and started the list. All I had to do was look around my apartment, and I was quickly reminded of all I have to do. My bike needs cleaning, I need to get my race wheels ready for next weekend (ok if I listed what we have to do before our first big race of the year I'd defintly lose every reader!), work on an organized filing system, phone calls, emails, etc. etc. etc. It was now on paper, due to the start of my taper I have more time than I have in previous weeks, so it was time to get cracking!
Can you believe in just 2 hours I had about 9 things crossed off the list. I mean, those things sat on my mental list for over 12 months, and I was just getting to it now! Wow.... life really does move fast.
One thing that I am trying to keep off the "to do" list until after Oceanside is baking. I get on these kicks and just want to try all these healthy alternatives for great treats. I have a great healthy cookie recipe I'll have to share, and I need to get back to perfecting the muffins. Today I was craving coconut and chocolate...so I gave in and made some bars. I think I'll have to bag 'em and take them to track or the pool in the morning so I don't eat the whole pan!

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