Friday, March 6, 2009

Re-learning to Pack

I think every year it takes a bit of re-learning when it comes to packing for a triathlon. However, the shorter the race the less time and thought I put into it! It's 5:00 the night before I will leave for a race and I just started thinking about it.....and luckily remembered I had to switch the casettes on my race wheels, and a few other essentials.

This weekend I'm heading to Palm Springs for the Desert International Tri. The race reminds me of how things were when I got into the sport back in MI. A small, low-key race with most of my training buddy's. Although it is impossible to match the race organization and execution of an Ironman sponsored event...there is something to racing at the local, hassle free races.
Last year I didn't bring race wheels, rode 80 hilly miles the day before, and did the race as a good training day. Much is the same this year (although last year my legs started burning during the swim, so I'll opt out of that 80miler tmr). Oh and I'll pack the race wheels. We can think we're only going for a training day....but when the numbers on, it's hammer time!

So far this year my running road races, and training have been great! I've been feeling strong, and more confidence than I've ever felt at the beginning of a season. I can't wait to push the limits!

I better start packing!!!

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