Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Track fav!

I would have never ever, ever, ever thought that I'd start loving track workouts! I did run in high school (until I developed my second stress fracture of MANY...and ran back to the pool!). Our crew team hit UofM's indoor track during the winter months every once in a while. Thing is...sorry guys, but rowers are awful runners! When I'm setting the records for track workouts you know the track talent is lacking big time....but since I couldn't beat 'em on the erg, I welcomed every chance to hit the track.

Since that first stress fracture in high school, I've had many many more. I stopped counting at 15. So I have this fear of the track (and really any surface other than grass, dirt and trails). But lately, there are few workouts that provide me the satisfaction of a speed track workout. My high end speed is lacking, however I finally have a few different running gears. And my favorite track workouts: 400's and mile repeats. Why? They are crazy hard! I'm on the track at 6:00am, done by 7:30 and feel like I've accomplished so much.

This Tuesday: 20x400m. My crazy tough/high volume training week started with the race on Sunday. I wanted to get in a speed workout, but my legs were killing. Tendons were tight, and muscles were achy. But I didn't want to miss this workout. So I scheduled an appointment with my amazing A.R.T. therapist - Brian Kildow (he's my anti-injury god!)

My goal was to hold under 1:30 for each. They were suppose to be at 5k speed. Thing is, I can't run fast- so my 5k and 10k pace really isn't that different- 6:00 was my goal, and I nailed it. Everyone called it quits after 16. I wanted to do all 20, but my lower legs were screaming. I was honestly concerned a muscle might snap or worse, my shin bone might crack (After having so many stress fractures I can tell when I'm susceptible...and after 16 I was at that potential breaking point). If everyone else continued, I would have too. The smart thing to do: cool down, coffee and a.r.t.
Track + Kildow = happiness! I built strength, speed, and experienced quick recovery.

When I first started this sport I was a decent runner. Over the last year I've finally felt like I'm getting back to that point...and much of this is curtosy of the track!

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