Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It is that time of year. The countdown began weeks ago, but I refused to acknowledge it or participate in that game. This will be my third time racing in Kona, and it is definitely different than years past. There is a lot that goes into this altered sense of being, but two things override the others. First, because this is my not my first (or second time here) I know what to expect and am ready to embrace the unexpected that inevitably comes with Ironman racing. Second, Ironman Canada was my A race. That race gave me an immense amount of confidence and contentment. Kona will be icing on the cake. Oh wait, there's a third: I feel blessed, fortunate and humbled to be toeing the line here on Sat. These three things combined are creating an aura of contentment and controlled excitement.
 Here's a quick look through my training days here on the Big Island. Saturday I enjoyed a spin up to Hawi. The winds were out to play, and my only goal for the ride was to stay in the aero bars. I think I might have even missed the endless views of lava that line the bike course.

I was thrown around a few times, but I know this will help my confidence when the wind starts brewing on race day. When I got to Hawi I stopped for a second to look around. Usually there is a decent head wind on the way out/up to Hawi. So when I make that turn I put my head down and pray that the head wind means a decent tail wind for the treck back down to the Queen K.
After a nice t-run along the Queen K I jumped in to enjoy a swim at Hapuna Bay. It was so nice to swim without the pre-race ciaos of "Dig-Me-Beach."
Sunday I ran from town to the energy lab and back. This, again, is the first time I've run to the energy lab other than during the race. My legs locked into their pre-determined pace and I felt good. I can only hope I feel that good running home from the energy lab on Saturday!
I was lucky to be able to stay with Joanne again for the first few days while here on the Island. When I moved out of her house to my digs on Ali'i drive this is what I drove up to. 
 I wondered if the Potts clan was next door, but instead it was a very nice couple that just moved here from Ann Arbor. My first night here I sat with them on their porch as we shared stories from our times at UofM. They already offered to record the UM vs. MSU game for me so I can watch it after the race Sat.
Here is a shot of my view while sipping coffee and getting some work done.
I seem to have forgotten the cord to download pics from my camera. But hopefully I can find it and post pics from my swim of the full course yesterday and my swim/search for dolphins this morning. But first, off for a spin.
Thanks for following along on my Hawaiian adventure!