Sunday, October 17, 2010

Take me back!

I keep clicking my heals, snapping my fingers, saying my prayers to the island gods, and even drinking mai tai's, but I remain far away from the hawaiian side of the pacific. Sadly, I'm trying to fight through a bit of the post ironman daze/aid (after ironman depression, duh). So although life beyond ironman moves on, I don't mind taking a moment to look back at the days following the race.
If I haven't said it once, or twice, or three times, I must say it again: TYR rocks! How awesome is it that while we were out there tearing up the streets in our TYR red kits, the entire TYR crew was right there at the swim exit and on Ali'i drive supporting us with matching attire.
Sunday we got together to eat, drink and watch the waves crash into the lava. TYR, and GU all in one place, mmmm mmmm.
But I'm not sure anything compared to the most amazing morning swim IMAGINABLE! Yup, you guessed it...Dolphins. Not just a few, but 35. And yes, Tyler I counted them as they swam beneath me. Check out the babies! I may have done an ironman the day before, but I was in the water faster than Roch could say "dolphins."
My favorite Mate's: Kate, and our BEYOND amazing massage guru Simone, were there to take in the sights (and sounds) with me! Thank you Simone for clearing the Canada out of my legs so I could get 'er done in Kona. And Kate, you are my hero!
 I tried to swim to the depths of the ocean with the dolphins, but for some reason I couldn't hold my breath very long. Dang Ironman.
And as if that wasn't enough for one day I joined the GU crew for a little cliff jumping excursion. I only had 2 days of real vacation, so I made sure to live it up! You'll have to wait until tomorrow for those pics.
Hopefully these pictures can help me dream of being in the care free, stress free, fun filled Aloha state.
Care to join me? Good night