Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The last of 'em


Well, here are the last of the pitures and stories from the Big Island. The memories are starting to fade a bit and that makes me sad. One thing is for sure, for a girl who swore she wasn't going to race Kona in 2010, I sure did have a blast!
Beautiful, right? High, right? In my post ironman daze I tried to play like the locals."try" being the key word. The locals jump like this:
But,  California Girls? We jump more like this: First we stare down at the water. Then we discuss who should go first, second, third.
And then we (ok just me) let out a huge "AHHHHHHH" until the our feet penetrate the water). then it's all smiles and laughs until we have to rock climb our selves back atop.

On the climb back up I quickly realized I wasn't quite as strong and sturdy as I was two days prior. The aftermath was not so pretty :( Several deep gashes on the same ankle that was already a swollen mess. Remembering the discomfort of this moment might help me resist the strong desire to throw on the running shoes tomorrow.
But nothing stopped me from partying it up with everyone I wasn't able to hang out with prior to race day. Seriously, I squeezed as much as I possibly could into the time I had there.
GU crew, you guys are awesome. Thanks for making my last night on the Big Island special....even if you did deny me from binging on frozen yogurt.
Ok, So I'm back in San Diego eating too many sweets and avoiding my regimented schedule. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thinking ahead to next year. But before I can think of the next race, I'm determined to get to the bottom of this paroneal tendon issue. The ankle inflammation is going down, but clearly the problem remains. The cortisone shot I had prior to Canada wore off the week before Kona. I tried to ignore it, but it roared its ugly head during the race and became impossible once the post race swelling began. It is officially time for some RNR, and non-swim, bike, run activities with friends.
I am certainly missing the Big Island, and the random fruit that drifted onto our beach. Have you ever cracked open a coconut? If not, take note: knife and lava rocks won't do the trick
but, a pedal wrench? Now we're talking ;)

So that's a wrap. To my amazing house mates! Thank you thank you for an unbelievable week. You (yes even little adorable 1year old P.K.) kept me relaxed going into race day and full of life following.
The 2010 Triathlon season has been full of fun surprises! It was more than I could have dreamed and definitely helped me through a lot of tough times this year.  I couldn't have done any of it without the support of so many amazing friends, fun training partners, my family, and of course those that took a risk to sponsor my search for speed! I 100% believe in everything TYR, Newton, GU, TriBike Transport and B.C!!