Friday, October 8, 2010

Swim, Bike, Run, RACE #1718

 The work is done. 6 weeks post IM and I'm ready to take whatever this island throws me and KILL it.
It's been an awesome stay here in Kona...
But there is a bit of unfinished business for me out in those waters,
 On the roads up to (AND BACK from) Hawi,
And beyond Ali'i drive, out onto the Queen K, into and out of the energy lab, and around the hot corner, until I run down that finish chute with smiles! Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow. Enjoy the moment and take it all in. And a BIG pre race thanks to TYR, GU,

Newton and TriBike Transport, Cyclops, and Andrew...I mean BeakerConcepts!! I can't wait to race my ass off for you guys ;) and Mahalo to everyone who will be tracking me on Goodnight from the beautiful island of Hawaii!!