Friday, October 8, 2010

Swim, Swam, Swum

One of the highlights of Hawaii (of course) are the long ocean swims. Monday morning a group of us took to the IM course with Roch paddling in toe. Man that turn buoy is a LONG way out there. The currents make the swim seem so much longer than other out and back lake swims (ie: IM Canada).
The new TYR torque is the bomb! There is a reason it is the most popular suit here in Kona. I can't thank the TYR crew enough for allowing me to be part of their kick ass team.
Sorry Ryan, I had to. That rainbow suite is H.O.T.! (too bad I wasn't sporting mine so we could match). Oh, and back to the swim...because like I said, it was a long way out to the turn buoy.

Thanks to Roch, for standing up on his paddle board at the turn buoy, we all made it out there.
Rhae and I were yelled at for not following command and sticking out our tongues. So...we took another
and then we were off again. My 20 stroke "catch the feet in front of me" pick-ups made the trip back seem a bit shorter. Thanks Roch for allowing me to hang with your crew fort eh morning!

Sierra and I are ready to kill it out there tomorrow! I just love being finding friends like her that share such passion for this sport, all the while praising the God that granted us the talent and love for serving Him in this way.
Off to drop off the bike and gear bags. More pics of my Hawaiian adventure to come.....
But I leave you with a few pictures that made me laugh (ESP the second!). Who knew there was such thing as a triathlon paparazzi. Seriously, Chrissie couldn't even get in the water without 5 camera men in her face. She played it up for them with a few kisses to her biceps.  
 And this guy! Are you kidding me? Speedo, K-tape, AND a hr monitor strap. I couldn't resist snapping one of him. The things that go on here before the race simply do not compare to any other race venue.
1 sleep remains. Awwwwwwwwwwww Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.