Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ready for Aloha

It's now 4 weeks+ since Canada, and 2wks- until what people call "The" Ironman! There is SO much hype leading into Ironman Hawaii. But the fact is, it wasn't my A race for the year. That came and went 4 weeks ago. But lucky me (seriously I feel blessed beyond words), I get another shot to deliver another A race performance. I wouldn't let myself even think about the wonderful Aloha until my body and mind felt recovered. Well, I'm there and now...I'm EXCITED! 
Last weekend I enjoyed a weekend of training in Pasadena with Sierra. She was fit and focused, and I was well...I kind of felt I was just along for the ride. My body wasn't ready to go go go quite yet. But the daily improvements continue through race day, things will go quite well when I toe the line. Pasadena offered a bit of dry heat. From there I was off to interbike in Vegas. More heat!
I returned to San Diego to find that summer finally decided to join the party. Temps were over 100. Yesterday they started to drop a little, but the humidity was on the rise. I drove east until I saw at least 87 on the thermostat. And from there, I kept running east. I was a sweaty mess!
Water, Gu Brew, Nuun...I've been downing it all in mass quantities.
Kona means a whole slew of new products are making their way to the marketplace. GU will be introducing a new Island Nectars Roctane flavor. Swing by the GU house and booth along Ali'i drive (just before the run turn around) to give this, and the new Watermelon Chomps, a try.
And TYR is one of the few to come through with an approved speed suit. The Torque feels awesome! Development started long ago, and this product will stand above and beyond it's competition!  They're selling through the online store, but you can try your local retailer (or wait until you get to the island as I am sure they'll be on sale there).
 And on that note... ALOHA!