Thursday, March 11, 2010

Numbers Don't Lie

Last week my body was ready for a solid recovery. The hours of training have increased, and my body was feeling the effects. Like so many type A triathletes, the easy weeks are really tough for me. I don't sit still very well! It's either go go go, or sleep sleep sleep. But with a few weeks of 20+ hours of solid training the numbers don't lie. Time to sit, soak in the effects, and hopefully reap the benefits.

Monday's swim workout was solid. But I'm not sure I'd know it because I was asleep for the first 50minutes. After 6 x 300 I finally woke up, and made sure to yell out a solid "Good Morning!!" to my lane mates to let them know I had just joined the party.
By Tuesday I had a good one on tap. First up: jump on the trainer. After a solid warm up I started into 50mins worth of intervals. I prescribed certain cadence and heart rates to each effort. My vision was locked on the numbers! I blasted some techno tues from and just told myself to hold on. My teeth were grinding, and by the end I was yelling out loud to myself. Any drop of the HR and I wouldn't be satisfied. It hurt! I held on! I wanted to close my eyes, as if it would take some of the pain away from my quads. But instead I focused on my goal for the workout and didn't let the numbers slip below my target.

From there is was straight into the running shoes for 3mile tempo off the bike. Awww, yes. That was fun. NOW... REPEAT! seriously, OUCH! Solid work indeed. During the second run I tried to make it further than I did in the first. Oh the games we play. I think getting in these kind of workouts solo gives me the right to not one, but two pats on the back (pat on the back: overrated. Instead I deemed it appropriate to visit Reward Land that evening - aka, Golden Spoon).

The numbers didn't lie on Wednesday either. I jumped in with about 30 swami's characters and tried to hold on once again. My HR sky rocketed (good sign that the recovery week worked), and my legs burned. I was determined to hold on longer than previous weeks, and I did. Sadly, no Golden Spoon trips, or pats on the back for this effort. It was still quite pathetic, and reminded me that my bike fitness is still a work in progress. Man the those guys inspire me! I'll be back!

Yesterday the numbers surprised me. I was off to the track to meet my favorite mile repeat partner! This was my second go-round with this workout this year, so I had a bit more of an idea what I could hold. I started out too fast, or so I thought. Turns out, I held sub 6:15 for the duration of 8 wonderful mile repeats (with a bonus mile at a solid, but slightly less peppy pace). Seriously!?!?! I've been working hard to change a few things about my running form. Over the past few weeks it's left me more sore than usual, uncomfortable in my own shoes, and questing whether making these changes was worth it. But the numbers don't lie! Personal best for this workout- I'll take it!

There are so many training tools available to us. When in a recovery phase heart rate is a great tool! Watch to see if your HR recovers between sets or workouts. Watch your resting HR. And the best tool during a recovery phase: listening to how your body feels. That way when it's time to hit it hard again you can use the your speed, power and heart rate numbers to make you push harder and dig deeper!

Happy Training from San Diego!

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beth said...

And you were telling me last night how you're glad you're not racing because not in shape yet. By the looks of all this fun training, i beg to differ. Can't wait to see you race!